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Pharma IQ's Nordics Clinical Trial Industry Report


LONDON, March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Pharma IQ has just published the results of a clinical trial's industry-wide research.

According to Pharma IQ's study, the total number of ongoing trials in the Nordic region is 3673, with over 70% conducted in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). The research showed that the number of clinical trials being carried out in the Nordic countries is under threat. Better integration and strategic partnerships are needed to ensure the quality and quantity of trials, so that go/no go decisions can be made as quickly as possible.

The results of the research have been collated as an infographic - a graphical summary of the state of clinical partnerships. It provides a comprehensive overview of the Nordics Clinical Trial Industry and touches on the issues of integration and strategic partnerships that are necessary to ensure the quality and quantity of trials. You can download the infographic from the website: http://www.clinicalnordicforum.com/INFO.

The infographic was created as a part of the pre-conference research for the Nordic Clinical Partnership Forum taking place 30 May-1 June, 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The results helped to shape the agenda and final speakers line-up which features  Elham Kossary, GCP Inspector, Norwegian Medicines Agency, who will offer a regulator's perspective on inspection criteria and expectations, and Jan Matsson, Director, Clinical Outsourcing from AstraZeneca, who will lead the session on Practicalities of the Strategic Partnership Model.

Other important topics raised in Pharma IQ's research that will be discussed at the event include:

  • Assessing the challenges and opportunities of running clinical trials in Finland (Tiina Koivisto, Head of Study Management And Sourcing, Orion Pharma)
  • National and international networking - experiences from the Karolinska Trial Alliance (Hanna Johansson, SWECRIN)
  • Motivating your partners and effective relationship management (Outsourcing Manager, SOBI)

To access the full survey report or to find out more about the Nordic Clinical Partnership Forum, visit http://www.clinicalnordicforum.com/NEWS, email enquire@iqpc.co.uk or call +44(0)20-7036-1300

Media contact: Joanna, +44(0)20-7368-9421, joanna.checinska@iqpc.co.uk  - Please contact for more information or images.

Press are invited to attend this important industry forum; if you would like to a complimentary press pass, please email Joanna Checinska (joanna.checinska@iqpc.co.uk)


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