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MedSave USA Announces Consolidation for Optimized Service Offering


LI, N.Y., Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- MedSave USA, (http://www.medsaveusa.com) , a diversified healthcare services company, today announced that the company has completed a consolidation of its former portfolio units, based in Florida and New York.

"This is an exciting time at MedSave," declared Glen Moller, Chief Executive Officer. "After an extensive services audit, we determined that a consolidation of our individual business units under one name and one management structure would best serve our mission of offering customers a full suite of cost-saving and revenue optimizing solutions, " he stated. "In today's health business climate, customers are looking for highly efficient and reliable services that combine expertise from several sectors of healthcare.  Combining these formerly independent companies into one will enable us to meet these client needs more effectively."

MedSave USA's five portfolio companies included in the consolidation are: MedSave Legal Services, MedSave Insurance Services, and MedSave Healthcare (formerly known collectively as MedSave USA); MedSave Administrative Services (formerly First Service Administrators); and MedSave International. MedSave Administrative Services will remain based in Lakeland, Florida, and the MedSave USA corporate office and other units will remain headquartered in Hauppauge, New York.

Mr. Moller added that the consolidation optimizes MedSave USA for growth in healthcare service areas, and assures clients of greater opportunities and efficiencies on all levels.

"MedSave's mission is really very simple: we help corporate and health plan clients achieve better health and financial outcomes in healthcare administration," Mr. Moller observed. "This transition is a natural fit, since all five lines of business focus on maximizing efficiencies and reducing costs across a broad range of healthcare clients," he noted.

Simultaneously, the company announced the appointment of MedSave executives Chandler Rapson, President of MedSave, and Gonen Antebi, Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Rapson was formerly the CEO of First Service Administrators, a MedSave USA portfolio company. Mr. Antebi previously was CEO of MedSave's legal, insurance, health, and international units.

"Both Mr. Rapson and Mr. Antebi have been with MedSave for years, and appointing them to their respective positions is a key consideration in our restructuring because each can now extend their expertise across all lines of business," Mr. Moller concluded. 

About MedSave USA

MedSave USA is a diversified healthcare services company providing a broad array of healthcare-related services to customers in the health, insurance, legal and third party administration administration industries.

MedSave was established in 1991 as a subsidiary of the Davidoff Group. (http://www.davidoffgroup.co.il/).

Media Contact: Tricia Kane


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