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Wordsmith Media, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Publishing Company with New Release of Publication


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Wordsmith Media, Inc. (Pink Sheets: WDIS - News) announced today that the company has acquired 49% of the publishing company Highland Loch Press for 1 million shares of Wordsmith restricted stock. The purpose of the acquisition is to strengthen Wordsmith Media's e-publishing ability in the rapidly evolving publishing environment which has recently seen the biggest changes in the history of the industry. "The company continues to seek new ways to be a viable player in the media world as the mechanisms for traditional publishing are changing before our eyes. This new acquisition of Highland Loch Press will help equip us strategically in this new dynamic publishing environment," stated James Griffith, Chairman and CEO, Wordsmith Media, Inc.

Highland Loch Press is committed to e-book technology as the 21st century has brought many changes to how we view the world, our knowledge, and ourselves, with continuing technological advances made on all fronts; faster networks, laptops and tablets, smart phones, e-readers, and the internet itself. By developing current technologies, Highland Loch Press is engaged in new ways to enjoy classics and modern best-sellers alike.

The first product of this agreement includes William J. Abraham's new book, Celtic Fire. In line with Wordsmith's focus on non-fiction, historical and cultural media, the book engages in the conversation of faith with an enlightening description: "Many have come to the conclusion that mainline Christianity in the West is on the skids.  This book explains why.  Using a mainline denomination like the Methodist church as a case study, Dr. Abraham shows the fatal policy decisions in play over the last two centuries.  By means of a lively overview of the lives of Albert Outler, John Sung, and William Arthur, he shows what choices were made and the impact they have had in the modern culture.  He also shows how the church in the West can recover its nerve and get back on track.  Everyone interested in the recovery of Christianity in the West should read this book."

About William J. Abraham:

A native of Ireland, Dr. Abraham (D.Phil., University of Oxford) is a distinguished philosopher and theologian who currently teaches at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  He has been a Visiting Professor at Harvard Divinity School and, more recently, has held the Crosson Fellowship in Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame. 

About Wordsmith Media, Inc:

Wordsmith Media, Inc. is a brand-driven company specializing in non-fiction, historical and cultural media, operating a global content network throughout the U.S. and Europe for marketing and advertising, television broadcasting, DVDs, books, e-books, enhanced e-books and more traditional magazines. Over the past five years, the company has partnered with other key media companies such as The History Channel, A&E Network, National Geographic and Walt Disney Pictures.

Wordsmith Media: www.wordsmithmedia.net

Highland Loch Press: www.highlandlochpress.com

Certain information contained in these materials is "forward-looking" information, such as projections, estimates, pro formas, or statements of intentions, expectations or plans. All forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties, many of which are outside of the control of the Company. Consequently, actual results may, and probably will, differ materially from the results contemplated in such forward-looking information.

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SOURCE Wordsmith Media, Inc.

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