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GLOBAL TELECOM Chooses KEITO Fiber to Upgrade Colombia's Network Infrastructure


KEITO Fiber will upgrade total Global Telecommunicatios customers experience using GEPON

BARRANQUILLA, Colombia, Feb. 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --  GLOBAL TELECOM chooses KEITO Fiber to upgrade Colombia's network infrastructure. KEITO Fiber will upgrade total Global Telecommunicatios customers' experience

GLOBAL TELECOM, the main provider of broadband services in Colombia, today announced that it has selected KEITO from China, manufacturer and supplier of leading edge fiber optic products, to provide 12,000 km of optical fiber to upgrade expand and maintain its network. The installation will not only increase capacity for voice and data in areas already served by the company, but also enable it to offer full GEPON network services and more than 100 Mbts per customer, a lot more bandwidth than its competitors in Colombia--all while improving the customer experience.

"Following a competitive bidding process, we selected KEITO to provide us with their fiber that exceeded our customers' demands for increased bandwidth and that also met our aggressive economical requirements," said GLOBAL CTO Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo. "This investment will not only allow our company to satisfy the quality and coverage requirements of our existing customers, but also interconnect additional 82 other municipalities in the all regions of Colombia, completing a total of 242 municipalities."

"The purchase of KEITO optical fiber cable gives GLOBAL an important competitive advantage over other Colombian companies that provide internet and broadband services, since GEPON provides a better cost efficient and permit offer fiber-to-the-Premises services which is more efficient as compared with standard HFC networks used by other companies," said Adela Lin, President of KEITO. "This purchase demonstrates GLOBAL'S commitment to constant improvement and focus on providing the last mile to corporate customers."

About Juan Gonzalo Angel Restrepo.

JUAN GONZALO ANGEL is the CTO of GLOBAL, and well known in Colombia for being the designer and first builder of optimum fiber networks. He used to own an MCO named Cablepacifico that was sold in 2006 to Carlos Slim, Telmex owner. With more than 3000 kms of fiber network operation, Carlos Slim operates Cablepacifico in Colombia, now under its own brand Telmex-Colombia, and is the largest CableTv company in the country. Juan Gonzalo Angel also founded Cablenoticias, a news channel that was sold to Alberto Ravell.


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