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Atlanta to Host The Revival June 30 - July 1, 2012


New Vintage "Pop-Up" Marketplace Will Bring Wide Range of Vendors From Across the Nation Together to Share Their Love of History, Creativity and Passion With Enthusiasts in the Southeast

ATLANTA, Feb. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- From June 30July 1, 2012, Atlanta will host The Revival, a vintage "Pop-Up" marketplace designed to awaken the vintage spirit and offer a weekend full of vintage finds, art, music and fun. Located at the Goat Farm Arts Center, the market will host more than 120 national, regional and local vintage vendors, designers and experts to bring unique vintage wares and "do-it-yourself" skills to enthusiasts from across the Southeast.

"Over time I have seen the demand for vintage – furniture, jewelry, art, clothing, etc. –explode throughout the country across all age groups and genders. Sites like Etsy and Pinterest have helped increase awareness and made some items accessible to the larger market," said Weatherly Copenhaver, founder of The Revival and owner of Decatur-based gallery, Wild Oats & Billy Goats. "The Revival allows vendors and buyers to get offline and gather in one location, sharing their passion for all things vintage."

The Revival is accepting applications for the upcoming Atlanta Marketplace. All vendors must have 90 percent true vintage inventory, or pieces made from vintage parts at least 20 years or older. Repurposed items are accepted, as is original art and handcrafted jewelry that is vintage in nature. Currently, a broad range of vendors are signed on to attend the inaugural event including, but not limited to, Bailey Jack Studio,  Wright from the Heart, Nicole Flint Collection, Linwood Avenue and Kathleen Taylor Studio. The Revival Marketplace not only offers vendors a unique opportunity to share their passion for vintage with buyers from across the Southeast, but also provides them with tools to enhance opportunities and increase sales such as information on marketing to vintage buyers, social media marketing tips, how to create your own community and booth merchandising.

"The vintage community it just that – a community," continued Copenhaver. "With The Revival, we are bringing buyers and sellers together to share the vintage spirit, learn from one another, shop and transcend. We hope to create an experience and make vintage functionally modern in today's world."

For more information or to sign on to participate as a vendor, visit or find The Revival on Facebook at

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