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U.S. Lumber Coalition Comments On Latest Canadian Softwood Lumber Subsidy


Canadian government's industry aid puts U.S. jobs at risk

WASHINGTON, June 1, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The U.S. Lumber Coalition released the following statement in response to the Canadian government's announcement of C$867-million in additional subsidies for Canadian softwood producers. The new funding adds to existing government subsidies boosting the Canadian softwood lumber industry, creating an uneven playing field with the U.S. lumber industry and putting American jobs at risk.

"Today's announcement of a new government subsidy for Canadian softwood lumber producers only further tilts the trade scale in Canada's favor, threatening more than 350,000 jobs in communities across the United States," said U.S. Lumber Coalition spokesperson, Zoltan van Heyningen. "The U.S. Commerce Department's recent anti-subsidy duties were a step in the right direction, and we appreciate the Administration's support. But Canada continues to push back and refuses to play by the same set of rules. We need a level playing field and must limit the flow of unfairly subsidized softwood shipments flooding the U.S. market, driving American lumber manufacturers out of business."

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About the U.S. Lumber Coalition
The U.S. Lumber Coalition is an alliance of large and small lumber producers from around the United States, joined by hundreds of thousands of their employees, and tens of thousands of woodland owners. The Coalition is united in opposition to Canada's unfair lumber-trade practices, including the gross underpricing of timber on government-owned lands. For more information, please visit the Coalition's website

CONTACT: Zoltan van Heyningen | 703-597-8651

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