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Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Scientist And Recognized Jobs Creator Shri Thanedar Announces Candidacy For Governor Of Michigan


Successful businessman shifts attention to advancing the state and its citizens

DETROIT, June 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Michigan businessman, scientist and award-winning entrepreneur Shri Thanedar officially kicked off his campaign to run for Governor of Michigan today at Detroit's TechTown, emphasizing a visionary platform of creating a Stronger, Smarter Michigan.

Following a lengthy and successful career in business, Thanedar now is turning his attention and his passion for results to improving the lives of the people of Michigan. Most recently, Thanedar was the CEO and founder of Ann Arbor-based Avomeen Analytical Services, a full-service independent analytical testing and product development laboratory. Since its creation in 2010, Thanedar led the company's explosive growth, leading to its national recognition and a number of high profile awards. He sold the company in late 2016, giving $1.5 million in bonuses to all his employees.

Now, as a candidate for governor, his Stronger, Smarter Michigan platform encapsulates ways Thanedar envisions revitalizing the state for the betterment of its citizens and for future generations. Among key points emphasized on Thanedar's platform include a more robust and inclusive educational system, advanced infrastructure, and stronger job training and advancement opportunities, all leading to an overall improved quality of life for Michigan's working families.

"Michiganders are fed up with political bickering, partisanship and grandstanding, and a government that serves the few and ignores the many," Thanedar said during his campaign announcement speech. "As Governor, I will listen to all but favor none, except the people of Michigan when we work to arrive at common-sense, pragmatic solutions that make peoples' lives better."

Thanedar's innovation, leadership and direction led to great success as an entrepreneur throughout his illustrious career. He plans to apply his diverse background and unique entrepreneurial skillset to Michigan's workforce challenges. Thanedar has cited the need to develop the next generation of exciting and high-growth career opportunities within the state, through a vital start-up culture that fosters the ever-changing and increasing entrepreneurial shift in today's economy. Thanedar is prepared to launch programs committed to growing jobs, cultivating technological talent and supporting small businesses as they navigate growth.

While he's been successful personally and professionally, Thanedar is also no stranger to overcoming the odds. While growing up in India, Thanedar worked odd jobs during high school and college to help his family overcome poverty after his father was forced into retirement, while also saving for his education. Later in life, Thanedar lost his first wife unexpectedly in 1996, when his two children were still very young. He overcame these personal challenges and has committed his life to inspiring others to understand the power of their own strength, unique talents and personal abilities. Stories of his life were shared more widely, first in India through a best-selling autobiography, and then in the U.S. through a title called "The Blue Suitcase: Tragedy and Triumph in an Immigrant's Life."

While his business acumen is one of the many reasons he is running for Michigan's highest office, his approach will be much different than other business-leaders who have previously pursued public life, Thanedar said.

"I do not believe a state can be run like a business, and accountants who think citizens' lives can be run by bottom-line calculations using spreadsheets are sadly mistaken. Such thinking created emergency managers, and led to the poisoning of thousands of children and adults in Flint," he said. "As a scientist, I understand issues with keeping our water pure and our air clean, which I believe is critically important to our future. I will stop politicizing Flint, and implement science-based solutions to keep Michigan's water and air pure."

For the next steps in his campaign, Thanedar plans to tour Michigan to connect directly with citizens from cities across the state during roundtable discussions. For more information on Thanedar's platform and upcoming events, visit

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