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New Company Brings Candidate Branding Strategy Front and Center to Political Campaigns


Cruz Campaign Alumnus Bonnie Siegel Launches PoliticalBranding Associates™

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2015, Bonnie Siegel was hired by the Ted Cruz for President campaign as national brand strategist, becoming the first person to utilize and successfully implement a new strategy in political campaign management – candidate branding.  

Today, Siegel announced the official launch of PoliticalBranding Associates, a political branding consulting firm specializing in creating and driving brand identity for local, state, gubernatorial, congressional and presidential candidates.

"There were 17 candidates in the 2016 Republican presidential primary – that's a lot of competition and certainly makes it harder for a candidate to get his or her message across in an effective manner," says Siegel. "The reality is, the political arena is a muddle of candidates, policies and competing sound bites – it's a race to be heard. What we saw last year was that a strong political brand resonates and will ultimately change the race's outcome."

Jeff Roe, campaign manager for Ted Cruz for President and founder of Axiom Strategies agrees. "Branding isn't a concept, it is a political reality and Bonnie added that to our campaign and demanded accountability from every member of the team when it dealt with voter communication," he says. "Instead of a branding strategist being unconventional, it should be the flat out way we do things."

Through political branding training sessions, or for larger campaigns, white glove, one-on-one political brand consulting services, the firm integrates brand identity and brand proposition into the entire campaign – from driving messaging and content to planning and executing campaign events to efficiently utilizing data and polling information to reach and engage voters, focusing on creating and solidifying a candidate's brand first.

"Often times, campaigns do things backwards. They create a logo, a website, a 'look and feel' without fully understanding their candidate's unique brand – this is a mistake," explains Siegel. "A candidate's brand identity should be the first component to your campaign and everything else should follow that brand. Candidates with strong brand identity are more likely to be remembered, differentiate themselves from the competition, creates a solid roadmap to work with, and most importantly, can be the deciding factor to winning or losing your race."

About PoliticalBranding Associates

PoliticalBranding Associates specializes in results-driven, strategic, candidate and campaign branding identity, events and communications. We help identify and drive your candidate's unique brand, delivering winning results, separating your candidate or political organization from the muddle of opposition and competing sound bites, and solidifying a strong presence your voters will remember.

Whether your candidate is new to the political arena or a seasoned politician, brand identity, brand positioning, brand awareness and an effective brand proposition play a key role in winning your race – from effective messaging to using data and polling information to your advantage – PoliticalBranding Associates helps you get there.


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