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Millennials Petition Trump to Give Them Their Own Day


Millennial leaders ask President Trump to recognize June 19 as "National Millennials Day" to help stop "fake news" about Millennials

PHOENIX, May 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "Millennials are entitled, disloyal, selfie-talking narcissists that need participation trophies." Sound familiar?  In popular culture, these types of sentiments are often used to describe the Millennial generation. Millennial leaders James Goodnow and Ryan Avery believe these stereotypes are "fake news," and they have launched an online petition to help set the record straight.

Starting today, Goodnow and Avery are asking the public to sign their Millennials Day Petition, which calls on President Trump and lawmakers to declare June 19 as National Millennials Day, correcting stifling stereotypes about Millennials.

But isn't this petition the ultimate example of out-of-control Millennial egotism? Now Millennials want a day named after them? Not so fast. Rather than being a day about celebrating themselves, National Millennials Day will be one of service – one where Millennials give back to their communities directly.

"As a Millennial, I cringe when I hear people write-off Millennials because of stereotypes" notes attorney James Goodnow. "For me, these are the worst kind of 'alternative facts.' Contrary to popular misconceptions, Millennials as a group are outward-focused and purpose-driven. My hope is that, by encouraging Millennials to give back on National Millennials Day, June 19 will be a turning point in upending many pervasive Millennial myths."

Avery and Goodnow note that Millennials are actually socially-conscious and passionate about improving their communities – and the world. According to research group Achieve, in 2015, 84 percent of Millennials made a charitable donation to a nonprofit, and 72 percent of Millennials spent part of their time volunteering. Goodnow and Avery also point to a Deloitte study that found six in 10 Millennials say that their current employer's "sense of purpose" is part of the reason they chose to work there.

"I couldn't be more proud to be a part of this initiative that affirms everything that is truly great about my generation – choosing your own path, pursuing your passions, and using your unique skills in the service of others," says motivational keynote speaker Ryan Avery. "Our main goal is to change the Millennial dialogue starting on June 19. How can Millennials participate? Mentor a child, become involved with a refugee organization in your community, volunteer at a homeless shelter – whatever inspires you to foster hope for a better future."

Goodnow and Avery have also recently collaborated on Motivating Millennials, a forthcoming book that teaches what companies can be doing to find, keep and motivate their next generation of leaders.

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