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Election Assistance Commission Certifies Yet Another NEW Voting System From ES&S


In just a matter of days, ES&S has received federal approval for not one -- but two brand new solutions

OMAHA, Neb., Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Election Systems & Software (ES&S), designs, builds and sells voting systems that adhere to current industry standards of security as a part of their core mission. With the federal approval of EVS 5220, ES&S is proud to announce the certification of the industry's NEWEST complex end-to-end voting solution. The certification includes the introduction of the most advanced security and reliability modules within its software package along with the DS450® high-throughput scanner and tabulator. ES&S developed this new tabulation equipment to meet the needs of jurisdictions requiring high-speed scanning with a smaller footprint and increased affordability.

This new tabulator provides:

  • High-speed scanning of ballots and sorting the tabulated ballots into output bins seamlessly
  • Ballot tracking features, saving operators time and effort by enabling ballot management to occur
  • Onscreen messages and guiding lights to direct the operator through the ballot scanning process

Standard in all ES&S tabulators, the DS450 comes equipped with patented IMR™ and PTRAC™ technology, increasing the accuracy of tabulation and decreasing the need for manual review.

Other enhancements in ES&S' newest certification include the ExpressVote® Universal Voting System supporting third-party activation barcodes. Jurisdictions that utilize electronic pollbooks can print activation barcodes so the voter can start their voting session without assistance. ES&S' popular ExpressVote technology also received a nice feature upgrade. Officials can easily configure the screen layout to display two columns of candidates, all thanks to enhancements that extend to the Electionware® Election Management System.

"One of the things I'm most proud of is our company's commitment to building solutions our customers want. The DS450 alongside other products in our visionary voting suite are the direct result of customers expressing a need and ES&S finding a way to fulfill it," stated Matt Nelson, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales for ES&S. "The certification of our EVS 5220 brings to market real solutions for real world elections."

To learn more about the full ES&S suite of voting solutions, please visit

ABOUT ES&S: Election Systems & Software's visionary approach to election equipment, software and solutions has helped improve the voting experience throughout North America for nearly 40 years. We are committed to developing integrated voting solutions that improve the marketplace and are flexible enough to meet multiple jurisdictions' needs and voter preferences. Learn more about ES&S at and on Facebook at    


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