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City Negotiators Prolong Strike by Demanding that SEIU 1021 Drop Lawsuit Challenging Mayor Schaaf and her Administration's Abuse of Temporary-Part Time Workers


3,000 City Workers Enter Day 4 of Strike

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yesterday City of Oakland negotiators put forward a proposal that keeps City workers represented by SEIU Local 1021 out another day on an unfair labor practice strike and IFPTE 21 on a sympathy strike. City Negotiators put forward a proposal that fails to address the abuse and growing reliance on temporary, part-time workers who lack health benefits or job security or Oakland's illegal dumping problem.

SEIU Local 1021 Chief Negotiator Robert Szykowny explained what happened at the evening's meeting with City Negotiators: "We expected to talk through the issues and together actually solve the problems impacting services. Instead we were told by City Negotiators that, for a few more dollars, we have to give up on workers' rights and justice. We were told by City Negotiators must stop insisting on rights and dignity for temporary part-time workers and that we must stop asking for additional illegal dumping crews to get trash off of our streets."

Last night SEIU 1021 responded to the city's proposal.

"The fact that the mayor puts her fund raising events before her employees shows us where her loyalties lie; we will not forget in November," said Renee Sykes, IFPTE 21 member and Oakland city worker.

Picket lines went up at Frank Ogawa Plaza at 7:00 am on Friday, December 8.


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SOURCE IFPTE Local 21; SEIU Local 1021

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