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Millar Strengthens Trust Core Value through Franklin Covey's Leading at the Speed of Trust®


HOUSTON, Dec. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Millar is pleased to announce our managers and emerging leaders have completed Franklin Covey's Leading at the Speed of Trust®. With Trust as a core value at Millar, it is important to instill and build a high trust culture through employees to positively impact all interactions with customers, distributors and business partners.

Millar employees understand that to support the business purpose of improving scientific understanding and patient outcomes through innovative medical technologies, high trust must be at the company's core. Trust is integral for collaboration and innovation, which speeds up processes, enables product development, and facilitates new technologies to reach patients faster.

Furthermore, dedicating time to build the company's understanding of trust, provides employees the tools to increase speed and decrease cost at Millar, empowering employees to improve the day-to-day processes and work with teams more efficiently. Charlene Pearson, Clinical Production Manager, commented, "This training has provided a lot of value to the manufacturing groups at Millar, helping to break down barriers and allowing better relationships among groups. Through our weekly trust meetings, we have improved how manufacturing operators communicate, which supports more efficiency to deliver better yields and support growth in the long-term."

Jeff Harris facilitated the two-day training session. As Millar's Chief Business Development Officer, Jeff believes to develop and scale a business, you must first develop your people and raise your leadership lid. "It has been very rewarding to be on this journey alongside our talented staff to help us all improve our own personal credibility, cultivate better relationships, and ultimately strengthen our company's culture through speaking and behaving in ways that develop, extend, and restore high trust," commented Jeff.

Millar looks forward to training the remaining workforce on Trust through the course "Speed of Trust® Foundations" in January 2018.

About Millar, Inc.
Since 1969, Millar, Inc. has led the development of catheter-based, solid-state pressure sensors and is a leader in sensors that advance medical understanding. Millar delivers precision catheter-based technology to measure high-fidelity physiological parameters for improved accuracy in patient evaluation. The company's clinical and life sciences products empower medical discovery and allow advanced cardiovascular diagnosis. Millar also delivers OEM solutions to the medical device industry through MEMS pressure sensors, ISO 13485 precision manufacturing and wireless power technology.


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