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BASIC Announces the Release of Advisor by BASIC®


PORTAGE, Mich., Nov. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BASIC is proud to announce the release of Advisor by BASIC®, a fantastic new service that helps brokers grow their book of business and maintain existing groups. Employers rely on brokers to keep them informed of the many changes and relevant trends in healthcare and compliance. As the newest addition to BASIC's roster of services, AdvisorSM provides agents and brokers the ability to send customized marketing materials to prospects and current clients with just three clicks.

Brokers can choose from hundreds of articles in the AdvisorSM library, including trending issues relating to HR, compliance updates, IRS updates, and employer checklists. Eight to ten new documents are added every month on relevant trending issues important to HR. Brokers can request customized materials that meet their interests and needs. Importantly, the materials can be privately labeled. This allows the Broker to stay focused on top priorities for growth while outsourcing the tedious task of authoring, formatting and publishing a constant flow of material to keep their clients in-the-know on important HR topics.

Established in 1989 and headquartered in Portage, Michigan, BASIC has grown into one of the largest human resource administrators in the nation. BASIC has offices in Michigan, Ohio, Arizona, Florida, California, Missouri and now Rhode Island.

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