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Labor United Attends "Trades Day" At Waubonsie Valley High School


New Pro-Labor Organization Discusses Career Opportunities In The Trades With High School Students

AURORA, Ill., Nov. 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 7th, Labor United and representatives from various trades attended Trades Day at Waubonsie Valley High School to educate groups of students on apprenticeship programs and career opportunities in the trades. Trades Day was led by Johnetta Ryan of CISCO (Construction Industry Service Corporations).

There's a general lack of awareness amongst young people that the trades is even an option post-high school: it's often either college or the military. Coupled with a "there's an app for that" culture, millennials are simply unaware of the opportunities that come with a career in the trades. It was Labor United's goal to articulate the importance of the trades as intelligent and valuable work that contributes to society while giving individuals the tools to lead a successful life.

The students were briefed on the 25 trades underneath CISCO. Representatives from five of the union organizations were present to speak on their specific trade: sheet metal, carpentry, bricklaying, laborers, and operating engineers. The students were able see union leaders not only support Trades Day, but each other. Although each has a different specialization, unions are bound by the same underpinning principles that enable them to do the work they do. The presentation concluded with an open Q&A. Questions arose not only about the trades, but about unions overall, such as "why do union workers strike?"

At the event, a conversation about trade work shifted to talking about life. Every representative alluded to the visceral truth that work in the trades can help foster professional and personal growth. They give young people opportunities to assert their independence while obtaining valuable skills they will carry with them throughout all phases of their lives.

Labor United is available to host a Trades Day at any high school in the greater Chicago area.

Labor United's mission is to enhance public education as to the importance of trained, skilled labor and to encourage the public to consider fair wages for all workers.

Unions reached their membership peak during the 1970s, and since have experienced a steady decline. Unions have fallen victim to intense criticism while trying to carry out their mission of preserving a worker's right to just treatment and a life of their choosing, the very aspects that made America the land of the free. Labor United was formed in 2017 to be a positive change to the negative perception surrounding modern unions.


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