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Americans are earning 3.9% more than a year ago. Are you?


New ValueMyResume tool tells you if you're due a raise

LONDON, Nov. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Adzuna today announced the launch of ValueMyResume, a unique free tool that tells you how much your skills and experience are worth based on your resume.

The AI-based tool:

  • Tells you what your resume is worth, so you know what salary you deserve
  • Gets your resume interview-ready with 20 automated checks including spelling and grammar
  • Inspires you with new career paths based on your skills, and the best job matches from over 3 million live ads

Adzuna, the fastest growing international job search engine, beta launched in the US this summer and has rapidly grown coverage to over 3 million job ads, ranging from nannies in Nantucket to physicians in Phoenix. These 3 million unfilled jobs represent $132 billion in lost economic opportunity annually. With comprehensive job ads, smarter search tools and access to salary data, Adzuna aims to help jobseekers regain control of their careers and get America working.

In the past year, average American salaries have risen nearly 4%1. However, with less than 5% of job ads including salary information2, it's hard for jobseekers to negotiate their salaries and easy for recruiters to hide behind their biases.

Adzuna aims to change this, through launching ValueMyResume to address the lack of salary transparency and help narrow the gender wage gap.

Adzuna co-founder and Kellogg alum Doug Monro, commented, "Current survey-based salary tools are inaccurate and based on small, biased samples, giving jobseekers unreliable figures; they deserve better access to realistic, personalised data."

"Ensuring that all Americans, regardless of discipline or location, are receiving a fair income for their labor, is far from mission accomplished. Women are still earning 20% less than their male counterparts on average3. Employers are falling short on transparency, making it difficult for all jobseekers to understand their true market value and to find the right roles for them."

"After successfully valuing millions of resumes internationally and perfecting our tool to help jobseekers improve their earnings, we are thrilled to launch ValueMyResume to help millions of Americans get paid what they deserve."

How It Works:

The ValueMyResume model has been trained using Adzuna's 'Jobsworth' salary estimate technology as well as hundreds of thousands of real resumes and will continue to learn and improve based on usage. A jobseeker uploads their resume and sees an estimated salary based on 100 different aspects of their resume such as work experience, job titles, academic background and location - as well as automated resume improvement suggestions, potential career paths that fit their skills, and personalized job matches. Machine learning provides a predictive model for the complex relationship between these data points and individual salaries.

About Adzuna:
Adzuna is a job search engine used by over 10 million monthly visitors across 16 countries that aims to list every job, everywhere. We search thousands of websites so our users don't have to, bringing together millions of ads in one place. By providing smarter search options and powerful job market data - like ValueMyResume - we give jobseekers the information they need to take control of their careers.

Adzuna was founded in the UK in 2011 by Andrew Hunter and Doug Monro, former eBay executives, and is backed by leading Venture Capital firms Index Ventures, LocalGlobe, and Passion Capital.

Adzuna's mission is to be the best place to look for a job. We love using the awesome power of technology to help match people to better, more fulfilling jobs and keep America working.

1 Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS

2 Adzuna



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