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WCSPOA: Improper Labor Practice Charge To Be Filed Against The Wayne County Sheriff And Board Of Supervisors


Wayne County Refuses To Bargain With Union Representatives

LYONS, N.Y., Oct. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a highly unusual maneuver to avoid negotiations, the Wayne County Sheriff's Office and Board of Supervisors canceled negotiations with the Wayne County Sheriff Police Officer's Association.

In a letter to the association, the county raises questions to satisfy their curiosity regarding official association business. The letter even suggests fighting the association through the Public Employee Relations Board which will be at the expense of Wayne County taxpayers.

Recently, the association entered into a representational agreement and affiliated with Teamsters Local 118 in Rochester, N.Y. A secret ballot vote was conducted amongst association members resulting in unanimous support of the representational agreement and affiliation.

"We are disappointed that the county is challenging our rights as an association. We have had prior affiliations that went unchallenged and it is quite obvious that the county does not prefer to deal with the Teamsters Union as our designated representatives. We have no choice except to file Improper Labor Practice Charges against the county," said Association President Craig Pagnotti.

The association represents Deputy Sheriff Road Patrol, Sergeants, and Investigators who have been working without an agreement for nearly two years.


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SOURCE Wayne County Sheriff Police Officer’s Association

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