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Regentis Co-Founder Wins Prize for Regenerative Medicine Research


Rita Levi Montalcini Award promotes the exchange of researchers between Italy and Israel

PRINCETON, New Jersey and OR AKIVA, Israel, Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Regentis Biomaterials proudly announced that company co-founder and chief scientific officer Prof. Dror Seliktar was awarded the Rita Levi Montalcini Award last month for his regenerative medicine research over the past 15 years at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Prof. Seliktar was in Rome for a special award ceremony held at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive the €40,000 prize. Established in 2015, the prize is aimed to promote the exchange of scientific scholars between Italy and Israel with funds provided to an Italian researcher to work in Israel and an Israeli researcher to work in Italy.

"It is a great honor to be awarded this prize," said Prof. Seliktar. "I am especially grateful for my collaboration with Tor Vergata University professor Sonia Melino, and look forward to continue researching regenerative medicine technologies in Italy. With international scientific cooperation, there is an enormous opportunity to face global challenges while strengthening bonds between countries."

Prof. Seliktar has researched regenerative medicine while serving as an associate professor in the faculty of biomedical engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute Technology. It was during his first year there that he established the technology that would form the basis of Gelrin, a unique hydrogel matrix of polyethylene glycol diacrylate (PEG-DA) and denatured fibrinogen.

With exposure to UVA light, Gelrin turns into a gel that can be molded into any shape and size. It can also be injected directly into the injury site and solidified to fill any shape of tissue defect. The implant then degrades over time to allow the growth of new tissue.

GelrinC is the flagship product of Regentis Biomaterials and is currently undergoing FDA-approved trials for regenerating damaged articular knee cartilage caused by sudden trauma. Gelrin has even further potential clinical applications such as finding treatments for nerve regeneration, muscular dystrophy and improving the recovery of heart attack patients.

About Regentis Biomaterials
With offices in Or Akiva, Israel and Princeton, NJ, Regentis Biomaterials is a privately held company focused on developing and commercializing proprietary hydrogels for tissue regeneration. The company's core technology is Gelrin, a biodegradable hydrogel based on polyethylene glycol diacrylate and denatured human fibrinogen originally developed at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology by Dr. Dror Seliktar. The Gelrin hydrogel platform combines the stability and versatility of a synthetic material with the bio-functionality of a natural substance for a range of clinical applications. For more information, please visit

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