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Honduran Government Urges Calm While Electoral Tribunal Finishes Vote Count


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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Dec. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Government of the Republic of Honduras echoed the call of the United Nations System in Honduras for "calm" while the Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal finishes counting ballots from the November 26 presidential election.

The Government of Honduras condemns acts of violence and is calling on all Hondurans to set aside their political interests and put the good of the nation first. Officials said that they are working alongside international organizations, including the U.N., to maintain public order.

In a statement released yesterday, the U.N. said that they "recognize the freedom of assembly," but "exhort citizens to exercise that right in a peaceable manner."

The U.N. also asked the leading candidates in the presidential race to "call upon their followers to remain calm and that, in exercise[ing] their respective leadership roles, [they will] create the space necessary for democratic dialog."

Marisa Matías, the Head of the European Union's Election Observation Mission to Honduras, asked Hondurans to wait peacefully while the ballots are tabulated. "We must remain calm and wait until 100 percent of the records have been counted," she said. "For us [the EU observers], what is important are guarantees that the votes of the Honduran people are treated equally, and that at the end the result be transparent, and that all actors involved stand behind it."

The Organization of American States also weighed in yesterday. Jorge Quiroga, the head of the OAS Electoral Observation Mission in Honduras, said that "the OAS laments the violent incidents reported [this week]," and asked "the Honduran people and political parties to stay calm and wait until all records have been processed."

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