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Ismael Cala, Double Engagement in New York: The "Latino Impact Summit" and "Despierta con Cala"


The Latino summit will be held at the United Nations, then on December 3, Cala is scheduled to deliver the highly successful presentation of his 2017 world tour at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre.

MIAMI, Nov. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Dozens of Latin American leaders will convene this week at the United Nations for the Latino Impact Summit 2017, hosted by the Ismael Cala and Pvblic foundations.

This second edition of the summit – one of the few events in Spanish held at UN headquarters – will take place November 30 and December 1.

Politicians, millennials, philanthropists, businessmen and entrepreneurs will discuss how to generate alliances designed to meet Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In this regard, a special publication will be presented by organizers on SDG realities in Latin America, with reports relating to poverty reduction, the environmental situation and education as a factor of change, among other topics.

"Our objective is to promote Sustainable Development Goals in a context in which we can reflect on our responsibilities. It is not a question of what others can do, but what each of us can contribute in the 2030 UN Agenda," said Ismael Cala, cofounder of the event and moderator on several panels.

"Despierta con Cala" in New York

After the Latino summit in New York, Cala will share with the city his inspirational talk "Despierta con Cala" (Wake Up with Cala), part of the 2017 tour that has to date visited dozens of cities across the Americas.

The presentation will take place Sunday, December 3, at the Peter Jay Sharp Theatre, at 7 pm. Tickets are on sale at:

The world tour "Despierta con Cala" is designed to help people achieve excellence, awakening of consciousness, and superior personal and career performance. 

Cala will answer questions such as:

  • Why is it that we human beings experience situations that are so different if we are so much alike?
  • Why are we in constant conflict if we have in our possession the most powerful transformational force: creativity?
  • Why do we settle for an ordinary life when we can build a masterpiece?


Life and human development strategist, bestselling author and international speaker, for more than five years, Cala was the host of CALA on CNN en Español.

He is considered one of the most important communicators in the Americas, and his message of social entrepreneurship, mindfulness and wellbeing has served as a benchmark for millions of people.

Cala has visited more than 25 countries and has impacted hundreds of thousands of people with his message. He is currently an official contributor to the program "Despierta America" (Wake Up, America) on Univision and writes a weekly column for more than 50 Latin American and U.S. publications. "The New York Times" has called him the "Latin Larry King".

Author of the bestsellers "Despierta con Cala" (Wake Up with Cala), "La vida es una piñata" (Life Is a Piñata), "El analfabeto emocional" (The Emotional Illiterate), "El poder de escuchar" (The Power of Listening), "Un buen hijo de P..." (A Real Son of a B…) and "El secreto del bambú" (The Secret of Bamboo), Cala was born in Santiago, Cuba (1969) and holds a bachelor's degree in Art History from Oriente University. He coathored "Beat the Curve" with Brian Tracy.

Cala has partnered with such great mentors as Deepak Chopra and John C. Maxwell and received training from coaches like Tony Robbins and Miguel Ruiz. He is the president of Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation. Visit:


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