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Status Update on the Reopening Of Hudaydah Port and Sanaa Airport


WASHINGTON, Nov. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- As a follow-up to the statement issued on Wednesday, November 22 by the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen in regards to the reopening of the Hudaydah Port and Sanaa Airport; the Coalition's spokesperson, Col. Turki Al Maliki made a statement today detailing the reasons of the temporary closure of ports in Yemen and the extent of aid facilitated since their reopening.  Col. Al Maliki also renewed the call for the implementation of the United Nations plan to take control of the Port of Hudaydah-- according to the UN's proposal, which was accepted by the Coalition and rejected by the Iranian-backed Houthi Militia. 

Col. Turki Al Maliki highlighted the following:

  • The intercepted ballistic missile fired from Yemen into the Kingdom on November 4 was smuggled into Yemen through the Port of Hudaydah, which is controlled by the Iranian-backed Houthi Militia.
  • Since November 4th; there have been 82 permits issued to facilitate entry and aid distribution into Yemen: 40 permits through sea ports and 42 permits through airports.
  • This includes issuing clearance for a ship today (Rena), carrying 5.500 Metric Tons of food supplies, to the Port of Hudaydah
  • Additionally, there have been 5 clearances issued to aircrafts bound to Sanaa Airport; including the November 22 clearance for an International Committee Red Cross plane.
  • The revived call for the United Nations to take control of the Port of Hudaydah from the Iranian-backed Houthi Militia who are delaying aid dissemination, and using the port of Hudaydah to smuggle arms into Yemen in violation of Security Council Resolution 2216.


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SOURCE Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia, Information Office

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