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Honduran Election Tribunal Teams Up with Security Forces to Deliver Election Ballots


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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Nov. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, the Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal announced that the National Inter-Agency Security Force is on schedule to deliver all ballots for the November 26 election to their respective polling stations by voting day.

As of November 22, more than three-quarters of voting departments throughout Honduras had received election materials.

The National Inter-Agency Security Force, or FUSINA, is using several different modes of transport to deliver ballots, depending on the local terrain. In total, 13 aircraft, 930 motor vehicles, and 25 ships will transport ballots to every polling station in Honduras.

Authorities loaded a Honduran Air Force plane with over 260 cases of election materials and 43 technological kits and sent them to Islas de la Bahía and Gracias a Dios in Honduras, two remote Honduran voting areas inaccessible by land.

FUSINA and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, or TSE, have also sent 25 cases of election materials to Miami, New York, Washington, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles for eligible Honduran voters that reside in the United States.

The efforts by the two entities to securely deliver election materials are part of Operation Peace and Democracy II.

FUSINA will help safeguard polling stations before, during, and after voting. According to Luis Suazo, Honduras's Vice Minister of Security, more than 35,000 members of the Honduran armed forces and national police will assist with the voting process.

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