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Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal Updates International Community on Pre-Election Preparations


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TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, Nov. 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Last week, Honduras's Supreme Electoral Tribunal shared details on preparations for the country's national election on November 26 with electoral observers from the diplomatic and international community.

Supreme Electoral Tribunal President David Matamoros said that Honduras is looking to the international community to help oversee the upcoming election. "We are sure that the observers are going to say that we are doing the proper things [to prepare]…and following all procedures," Matamoros said at a joint press conference with Honduran Secretary of Foreign Relations Marïa Dolores Agüero.

Electoral observers from both the European Union and the Organization of American States will receive real-time images of voting results via a secure server. Additionally, several former Latin American and European presidents and heads of state will help monitor the Honduran election, including former presidents Felipe Gonzalez from Spain; Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón from Mexico; Ricardo Lagos from Chile; Martin Torrijos from Panama; Alvaro Colon from Guatemala; Jorge Quiroga from Bolivia; and Laura Chinchilla from Costa Rica.

Any election should be "a festival of democracy," said Dominican ambassador to Honduras Marino Berigüete. He stressed that electoral transparency is important for both a country's citizens and its international image. He went on to wish the magistrates of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal luck regarding the upcoming election.

In the upcoming election, six million Hondurans will be eligible to vote for a president, three vice presidents, 128 national legislature representatives, 20 Central American legislature representatives, and 298 municipal representatives.

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