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Civil Discourse Served Around the Dinner Table to Millions via


Timely service promotes knowledge, empowerment, and respect through free programs that teach the value in opposing views.

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 5, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --, America's #1 online resource for pro and con research on controversial issues, has engaged more than 22 million people in 2017. The current political climate with its signature incivility and record-high partisanship makes the demand for especially urgent and time sensitive.  

The website makes it simple and civil to explore today's hottest issues in a completely nonpartisan manner. Users learn to better understand their own families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors with differing views. Hot topics on the website include gun control, medical marijuana, national anthem protest, and immigration.

"At, we believe that considering all sides of an issue can lead to more understanding and respectful discourse – starting at home," says Kamy Akhavan, CEO.

During this holiday season, is promoting its "Heal the Divide" campaign with a video that presents how NOT to behave around the dinner table and how is the antidote to potential arguments and food fights.

" is a free educational tool designed to be used all the time by students, teachers, parents, and the rest of us. Anyone who is determined to make up their own mind on important issues without the influence of bias, ads, fake news, and bad journalism needs the oasis of This service exists for your public benefit." Akhavan says. 

Nearly 10,000 US schools use 100% of teachers surveyed said they would recommend to other teachers and librarians. The reference division of The American Library Association named one of the top 25 free reference websites, alongside TED, Wikipedia, and Google.

"I truly appreciate what is doing in creating a space for smart conversation, debate and information," says Michael Steele, JD, former Chair of the Republican National Committee and MSNBC Political Analyst.

Dr. Jonathan Haidt, author of The Righteous Mind, says " is the best antidote to confirmation bias that I have ever seen. It models open-mindedness, respect for the complexity of truth, and respect for the sincerity of people on both sides of controversial issues. is a boon to our ailing civic culture."

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