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Dream Act Advocacy Brings Bitwise CEO to Capitol Hill


Joining leaders from the likes of IBM, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, Bitwise Industries' Co-CEO, Irma Olguin Jr., met with members of Congress to push for passage of the Dream Act before the close of the year.

FRESNO, Calif., Nov. 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Bitwise Industries, the mothership of technological education, collaboration and innovation in Fresno, California, is taking a stand in regard to the repeal of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Together with, a bipartisan organization comprised of leaders from the tech community who are mobilizing in support of comprehensive immigration reform, Bitwise's co-CEO, Irma Olguin Jr. traveled to Washington, D.C., where she met with members of Congress to advocate for the passage of the Dream Act prior to the close of the year.

"At Bitwise, we've fostered a culture of acceptance and celebrate differences," said Irma Olguin Jr., co-CEO of Bitwise Industries. "Whether it's Dreamers that study with us at Geekwise Academy, work for us or are simply our neighbors here in the Central Valley, they are single-handedly changing the face of technology and many other industries. We owe it to them to find a solution. I'm proud to stand alongside them and business leaders from some of the most renowned technology companies the world has to offer, as we urge Washington to act and fight not only for reform, but their futures."

The day of advocacy, organized by, brought together more than 100 Dreamers and business leaders from major technology corporations, including IBM, Microsoft and LinkedIn. While in D.C., these Dreamers and business executives met with members of Congress where they discussed in great detail the positive impact that Dreamers have had on contributing to the growth of this country and highlighted the ramifications that removing them from the workforce would have, specifically the loss of $460 billion in GDP over the coming decade. More importantly, Dreamers had the opportunity to share their own personal stories and fears with legislators as the deadline for a vote draws near.

On Capitol Hill, Irma Olguin Jr. spent time with legislators representing the state of California. Throughout the day, meetings were held with:

"Should Congress fail to act, the human impact will be immeasurable, not to mention the billions of dollars in annual GDP lost in the state of California alone," said Irma Olguin Jr., co-CEO of Bitwise Industries. "There are roughly 225,000 DACA recipients in our state, with a disproportionate number of those Dreamers - those human beings - residing in the Central Valley. Under DACA, these Dreamers were able to legally work, receive an education and even open their own businesses. They've directly impacted this region and helped the Central Valley emerge as one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the US. Without Congress passing a legislative solution, these Dreamers will lose their deportation protections and have their work permits revoked. The incredible economic progress we've made together will be quickly undone with repercussions, seen and unseen, for years to come."

For additional information regarding and its mission to bring forth commonsense immigration reform, please visit its website To learn more about Bitwise Industries' support of the Dream Act and immigration reform, visit

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Bitwise Industries is the mothership of technological education, collaboration, and innovation in Fresno, California. Founded in 2013 in downtown Fresno, it is currently headquartered at Bitwise South Stadium. Bitwise is comprised of Geekwise Academy, Hashtag, and Shift3 Technologies.  Learn more about Bitwise at

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