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Rob Arnold, Threat Sketch CEO, Chosen to Testify in Front of Congress on Behalf of Small Businesses


Arnold brings greater awareness of the plight of small business cybersecurity to the House Small Business Committee

WASHINGTON, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 15, Rob Arnold, CEO of Threat Sketch, testified in front of the House of Congress Small Business Committee at the hearing entitled, "Federal Government and Small Businesses: Promoting Greater Information Sharing for Stronger Cybersecurity." As cyber attacks continue to rise, small businesses are at an elevated risk because they often don't have the resources necessary for the best defense and preparedness. This hearing was held as part of the federal government's work to continue to strengthen small business cybersecurity for a sector that is increasingly vulnerable.

Arnold was chosen as one of four industry experts to present to the committee due to his experience in the tech industry and his intimate knowledge of the particular challenges faced by small businesses. As founder of Threat Sketch and author of Cybersecurity: A Business Solution, Arnold has spent the past few years working specifically on cybersecurity issues facing small businesses. After more than 20 years working in the IT industry and consulting for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to private firms, Arnold saw a gap in services and resources for small companies, and is using his experience to help close this gap.

"I am honored to be a part of the committee's hearings," Arnold said. "I understand the challenges facing small businesses when it comes to cybersecurity, and I am heartened by the fact that the federal government is taking additional steps to try to protect and educate small companies about the threat of attack and provide information to understand the risk of future attacks."

The committee's purpose in holding the hearing was to encourage greater information sharing and examine ways to provide timely and effective resources when cyber attacks occur. The hearing also examined policies that deter small businesses from engaging with the federal government for assistance.

Arnold's testimony outlined current policies that hinder information sharing, including fragmentation among government agencies and an overuse of classification which keeps valuable information away from businesses who could use it to improve cybersecurity. Arnold proposed creating a list of all the data sharing initiatives available in order to have greater transparency throughout the industry.

Arnold also proposed taking steps such as deputizing small business owners to provide an additional line of defense in America against cyber attack, and improving the collection and dissemination of cybersecurity information.

"The instinct to not want to share something as horrible as a cyber attack on your company is understandable, but it is only by reporting every incident and properly sharing the information that we will gain the knowledge needed to get a step ahead of hackers and create better policies and resources to protect every American business," Arnold said.

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About Threat Sketch -- Founded in 2015 in Winston-Salem, NC, Threat Sketch provides tools that enable small business owners and executives to evaluate and manage cybersecurity at a strategic level. The executive team brings decades of IT, cybersecurity, risk analysis, financial/economic, and project management experience and expertise to a wide variety of small business clients. To learn more call 844-487-4757 or visit

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