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New film, Stepping on Prayers, shares a local perspective on the Bears Ears National Monument


Talking to the locals.

LOGAN, Utah, Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Strata, a policy think tank aimed at helping people make informed decisions about critical public policy issues, released a short documentary with commentary from local Utahns on the Bears Ears National Monument designation.

Vita Brevis Films, a Salt Lake based film production company, visited the Bears Ears region to speak with locals and hear their perspective. "We found the views from locals are different than what we are hearing in the press. We wanted to do this project to give locals a voice in the debate," said Skylar Nielsen, founder of Vita Brevis films.

After President Obama established the Bears Ears National Monument on December 28, 2016, a robust debate about the size and scope of the monument has captured the attention of the nation. With interest groups from out of state spending money to influence the debate there is a need for someone to represent the local residents. Stepping on Prayers is an effort to amplify those voices through storytelling and beautiful imagery.

"At Strata we work to inform the public about issues near to us in Utah. Public land management is clearly one of those issues. This film will help broaden perspectives of those interested in the debate about the Bears Ears Monument," said Randy Simmons, President of Strata.

Watch Stepping on Prayers here:

About Strata

The mission of Strata is to help people make informed decisions about issues that impact the freedom to live their lives, while working to achieve more prosperous and free societies by affecting a change in the climate of ideas. This is accomplished by conducting robust research on energy and environmental issues, informing policy makers, citizens and civic leaders, and by mentoring high-achieving students to become future decision makers. Strata is located in Logan, Utah.

About Vita Brevis Films

Vita Brevis Films is a Salt Lake City, Utah based film and production company. The Vita Brevis mission is to share stories that shed light upon people, places, and narratives that otherwise go unnoticed. Vita Brevis Films can be reached at: 

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