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Tony Award Winning Actor James Naughton Releases Public Service Film Urging Voting in Local Elections in Weston CT and Nationwide


WESTON, Conn., Nov. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Celebrated Tony Award Winning Actor James Naughton and Weston, Connecticut resident released a powerful public service film on the importance of voting in local elections. "Local elections have the greatest impact on our community. They decide things like school funding, property values, and what the future of our town will look like.  The candidates are your neighbors: parents, volunteers and local business owners whom you may know," said actor and Weston resident James Naughton.  "But it's not enough to just like and share this video on social media.  You gotta vote!"  Naughton finishes the cameo urging citizens to join him at the polls voting on November 7th in "Our Town." 

The film launches during Weston CT's hotly contested municipal race for town leadership by Democratic challengers, First Selectman candidate Chris Spaulding, a Harvard-trained psychologist, and Selectman candidate Brian Gordon, a Fortune 1000 corporate advisor. Connecticut's junior Senator Chris Murphy and 4th District Congressman Jim Himes, recently endorsed Spaulding and Gordon.

Spaulding and Gordon developed WestoNEXT: a series of proven concepts that when implemented will strengthen and improve Weston.  The candidates seek to foster Weston's burgeoning home-based business community into an entrepreneurial business commons and keep the town's rich history as a haven to artists and celebrities for decades.  In a departure from politics-as-usual reminiscent of America's early founders, Spaulding also pledged if elected not to take a salary in order to strengthen public coffers.

"We are deeply grateful to neighbor and actor James Naughton for his public service message on the importance of voting in local elections in Weston CT -- and nationwide," said First Selectman Democratic candidate Chris Spaulding.  "The level of volunteer support has been unprecedented in our get-out-the-vote drive, and the community is energized and engaged across generations in our town," Spaulding added.

"Chris Spaulding and Brian Gordon represent a generational shift in experience and fresh ideas that has inspired a groundswell of support by this community.  With the fiscal health of the state lagging, Weston needs to have leaders that have a plan and a vision," said Weston Democratic Town Committee Vice-Chair Beth Gralnick.

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