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Inflexxion, Inc. appoints Dr. Jody Green to Chief Scientific Officer


WALTHAM, Mass., Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Inflexxion, Inc. announced the appointment of Jody Green, PhD as Chief Scientific Officer, effective November 27. 

Green brings to Inflexxion a strong background and experience in the drug safety and opioid abuse space.  She will lead the scientific efforts of Inflexxion in the areas of behavioral health, substance abuse, pain management, epidemiology, opioid risk management, and compliance.  Dr. Green holds a PhD in applied statistics and research methods from the University of Northern Colorado and previously served as Director of Research Administration at Denver Health/Rocky Mountain & Poison Drug Center. She has held academic appointments at Vanderbilt University Medical Center School of Nursing and the University of Colorado and Denver Health Sciences Center School of Public Health and has authored/co-authored nearly 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

"I am delighted to welcome Dr. Green to the Inflexxion team," said Bruno Lempernesse, Chief Executive Officer at Inflexxion.  "With Dr. Green's appointment, we are strengthening our Scientific Team as we continue to broaden our service offerings and expertise as thought leaders."

"I'm excited to be joining Inflexxion to lead the scientific team," said Green.  "This is a wonderful opportunity and I am eager to contribute my background and knowledge to an organization that is a leader in the pain management, behavioral health, and healthcare data analytics field."

About Inflexxion

Inflexxion helps healthcare organizations, provider communities, pharmaceutical companies, and regulatory authorities to improve patient care and inform public policy.  Through their strategic approach and depth of expertise, Inflexxion analyzes and disseminates health-related data for surveillance, risk management, epidemiological studies, quality improvement, and outcome measurement.  Inflexxion's unique data collection includes multiple data streams at the point-of-care, Internet Monitoring technology, and web-surveys with hard to reach populations. For more information visit

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