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Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Scientist And Recognized Jobs Creator Shri Thanedar Announces Candidacy For Governor Of Michigan
New Company Brings Candidate Branding Strategy Front and Center to Political Campaigns
Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop Applaud Humane Cosmetics Act
Majority Forward Launches More than $3.5 Million State-Based Issue TV and Digital Ads in Six States: Arizona, Indiana, Nevada, Missouri, Montana & North Dakota
Millennials Petition Trump to Give Them Their Own Day
Former Christian Coalition President Enters Senate Race Against Career Politicians
Stephen J. Cloobeck Announces Endorsement of Reelection of Dean Heller to U.S. Senate
Americans Split on Political Impact of Social Media
365-Day Collection of Devotions Written for Hillary Rodham Clinton During Her Presidential Campaign Announced
The Baughman Company and Merrill Strategy Group Announce New Business Partnership
Election Assistance Commission Certifies Yet Another NEW Voting System From ES&S
Bricklayers' International Endorses Tom Perez for DNC Chair
Teamsters Strongly Oppose National Right-To-Work Legislation
Newt Gingrich Joins Great America Alliance As Co-Chair To Advance President Trump's National Agenda
The Impact Network Founder And President Gives The Benediction Prayer At 58th 2017 Presidential Inauguration
2017 Outlook: Will Policy Changes Extend the Expansion?
AJC Provides Questions for Nikki Haley Confirmation Hearing
United States Marine Band Participates in 55th Presidential Inauguration
This is how Trump did it.
Environment & Energy Industries Expected to See Significant Relaxation of Regulations in 2017 under President Trump
NAFSA Opposes Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
Veterans and First Responders Unite the Country This Inauguration
New Administration Portends Uncertainty and Upheaval in International Trade
Great America Alliance Announces Country Superstars Big & Rich With Cowboy Troy To Headline Inauguration Gala
ProfNet Experts Available on Conflict in Aleppo, Trump Presidency Predictions
The Latino Coalition Announces Leadership Inaugural Event and Distinguished Host Committee
AFGE Strongly Supports Rep. Ellison for DNC Chair
Clear Ballot's Audit of Florida's Presidential Election Results a Success
Nomination of Rex Tillerson for U.S. Secretary of State
Job Creators Network Applauds President-elect Trump's Selection of Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary
Project Life Jacket: Time to Make Refugees Human Again
THINK BIG: Potomac Institute Report Sets Ambitious Science and Technology Goals for the Trump Administration
Americans' Optimism Rises Post-Election, Tempered by Concern over Racial, Class and Partisan Divides, According to Allstate/Atlantic Media Poll
No Labels' 1787 Event a Turning Point for New Center
Skyhorse to Publish Legendary Political Consultant Roger Stone's New Book about Trump's Victory: "The Making of the President 2016--How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution"
Georgia Dental Association Endorses U.S. Rep. Tom Price, M.D., HHS Nomination
The Latino Coalition Commends President-Elect for Appointments of Chairman Tom Price, M.D. and Former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao
BREAKING: VICTORY! NC Governor-Elect Roy Cooper Hits Crucial 10,000 Vote Margin; Game Over for McCrory
SIGEF 2016 by Horyou, One Step Further Towards Social Innovation with Global Impact
Austria and UNIDO Sign Joint Declaration to Support Global Impact Investment Foundation
Iranian-American Cultural Association of Missouri: As Iranian-Americans We Are Proud of Our Political Campaign
Reconnecting Rural & Urban America
America's SBDC Congratulates President-Elect Trump, New Congress
AJC Calls on President-Elect Trump to Abolish 'Muslim Registry' Idea
CONCLAVE To Be Released From Alfred A. Knopf Tomorrow
alliantgroup's Leaders Present Tax Policy to California Executives at Post-Election Event for the Ben Franklin Forum
ProfNet Experts Available on Election Stress, Holiday Shopping Trends, More
Clear Ballot Voting System Increases Election Efficiency and Transparency in Oregon
alliantgroup Hosts U.S. Congressman Patrick McHenry and over 100 CEOs, Executives, Policy Experts, and Accounting and Finance Partners at Post-Election Economic, Legislative & Policy Summit
Election Stress 2016: Dr. Esther Sternberg, Stress Expert and Medical Researcher, Provides Advice and Insights into the Vicious Cycle of Election Stress and How to Manage It

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