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American Families, Policymakers, Celebrities and Professional Leaders Gather for Better Maternal Health in Washington and Over 50 Cities Across the Nation
Physician to Testify Before New York Legislature on Assisted Suicide
Inaugural Portuguese-American National Conference
One Year Later: Pres. Trump's EO on Religious Liberty Has Helped Protect Hundreds of Charities, Schools Serving Up to 14 Million People
Resolution Recognizing the Seriousness of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) Introduced in Congress
AARP to Mobilize Voters Ahead of 2018 Midterm Elections
Hopi Tribe, United Mine Workers And Peabody Seek Judgment Affirming CAP's Legal Obligation To Purchase NGS Power
President Trump Option is Launched as a Low-Cost Alternative to Obamacare
Really Simple Systems CRM Launches Second Phase of GDPR Compliance Functionality
Emerson College ePoll: Tied Senate Race in Missouri for McCaskill and Hawley, and Right-to-Work Repeal
Global Philanthropy Environment Index shows political uncertainty as greatest challenge to global philanthropy
Refinery Workers Return to Capitol Hill to Rally for Renewable Fuel Standard Reform
IEEE-USA: Supreme Court Misses Opportunity For Patent Reform
President Donald Trump Ordered the Creation of a Task Force to Review Business Practices at the United States Postal Service Just as Senate Holds Hearings on his Three Nominations to its Board of Governors Which Currently Has no Members
Nexus Services Takes on NY & VA To Protect Immigrant Privacy Rights
Aluminum Industry Leaders Urge Trump Administration to Stay the Course on Section 232 Relief
Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council Urges Swift Senate Passage of Bill to Protect Religious Institutions
AJC Praises Senate Judiciary Committee Action to Protect Religious Institutions
Conservatives Urge U.S. Trade Representative to Include Strong Intellectual Property Protections in Modernized NAFTA
Reforming America's Immigration Court
IFDA Announces Winners of the 2018 Thomas Jefferson Award
Senate Committee on Health Holds Hearing on West Health Institute-Sponsored Legislation Addressing Denti-Cal Access Issues for Special Needs Patients
H Stanley Judd - Digital Publishers Launches Initiative to Restore Art of Writing Letters in America
IFDA Hosts Foodservice Distribution Industry Fly-In on Capitol Hill
A Caravan of Illegal Immigrants, A Test of U.S. Borders
UAE Government Expands Relationships With Leading US Hospitals
CIOMA Issues Statement on Failure of the Ban on Internal Combustion Engines
Business Community Responds to President's Task Force on the Postal System
Medical Marijuana, Inc. Applauds New Market Opportunities for CBD, U.S. Farmers as Sen. Mitch McConnell Pushes Bill to Legalize Hemp
2018 Farm Bill Will Harm Real People
MAZON's CEO Declares Trump's "Poverty Reduction" Order Will Backfire
The Census is a Snapshot of America; Immigration is an Important Part of the Picture, Says FAIR
Making Every Vote Count Foundation Releases Video: United States Would be Better Served by National Popular Vote
Will the End of Public Education Be the End of Our Democracy?
National Press Club and 19 Press Organizations Join Legal Effort to Free Award-Winning Journalist From Detention
California Museum presents "The Newest Americans" exploring immigration in the Trump era
Lawyers and 9/11 Victim Family Members File DoJ Petition Demanding 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation of New Evidence
NAEP Term "Proficient" Is Misleading
Job Applicants Enter Settlement with Target Corporation over Discriminatory Criminal Background Screening Policy
Tribal and Union Delegation Calls on Central Arizona Project Board of Directors to Take Long-Term Power from the Navajo Generating Station
Bloomberg Philanthropies Publishes Results of Largest Survey of American Mayors
FAIR Commends Administration on Steps to Regain Border Control
Lieutenant Governor and CDHS Staff Kick Off National Child Abuse Prevention Month at the Capitol
Five Signs Your Tax Preparer Will Disappear After Tax Season Spanish
Join the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel and Help Improve the IRS
New FAIR Analysis: Sanctuary Policies Don't Promote Cooperation with Police - They Just Make Communities Less Safe
Atlanta Noon Thu April 5: Fmr White House Drug Spokesman Bob Weiner To Challenge Legalizers' Premise "Drug War Failed" And Marijuana "Harmless" At "SAM" Summit At RX Summit
Steel Industry Applauds EPA Reconsideration of Auto Emissions Standards
Better Medicare Alliance Statement On 2019 Medicare Advantage Final Rate Notice
California Communities Resist State's Sanctuary Law

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