Advocacy Media: Despite Media Backlash, Invisible Children's Popularity Remains High - 92% of Overall Mentions Are Positive


WASHINGTON, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following is being released by Advocacy Media:

UPDATE:  Regardless of the latest questioning of Invisible Children's credibility, Advocacy Media's recent data collection shows that the organization's favorability rating is sound. Approximately 92% of all online conversations about the organization remain positive, while 8% are unfavorable.  Unfavorable verbatims or conversations are about the organization's motives, and also the skepticism about world government's ability to bring Joseph Kony to justice.


Last week we reported on the breakdown of the numbers for the online video calling for the capture of Warlord Joseph Kony. Today we have updated our numbers to reflect the video's worldwide dispersion.


  • 92.8 million views since March 1 (Vimeo and YouTube)
  • 1.4 million "likes"
  • 19,833 blog posts

Notably, while the video had a 96% favorable sentiment last week, as it has traveled around the world, the public has become slightly more skeptical. Today, the video has garnered a 91% favorability rating, and a 9% unfavorable rating.  Negative conversations discuss general cynicism of the US Government being able to do anything about KONY, and the integrity of the organization.

Highlighting the role of new media in the speed and circulation of news, Twitter currently leads the Kony2012 discussion by 34.7%, followed by Facebook 20.5%, blogs at 17.7 %, and traditional news outlets at 4.7%.

Corresponding with the most used news platforms, 70% of those talking are 21-50 year olds, with 25% of under 20 year olds contributing to the discussion.

The Kony 2012 video has allowed Joseph Kony to become a true international celebrity. Last week, the majority (54%) of online discussion surrounding this topic was taking place in the US.  However, the online momentum has shifted and Europe has begun to pick up the story. At the moment, the US leads discussion with 51%; followed by:

UK - 5%
AUS - 4%
CAN - 7%
GER - 2%

Following such a rapidly developing story with cutting edge social media measuring tools creates an interesting and active issue environment. 

No longer limited by time and space constraints, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms are clearly the vehicles for building international awareness.

As mentioned in USA Today.

About our methodology: To reach this result, social media discussion was analyzed in online communities, sites, Facebook pages and Twitter, as well as in message boards and in the blogosphere. Approximately 75,000 sample discussions were pulled about the situation that took place during the time period of from March 1 - 13, 2012. While approximately 91% support the campaign, 9% were unfavorable.

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