Negative Ion Technology Questioned on ABC'S Shark Tank


Despite bad impressions of negative ion technology, industry specialists LIFESTRENGTH say they can prove their technology works, and it won't be with a balance test

SALT LAKE CITY, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While negative ion technology has been questioned before, it has again been confronted with criticism on a recent episode of ABC's hit show Shark Tank. When one competitor on the show presented his watchbands with health benefits, Mark Cuban was quick to cry, "Scam!" Industry specialists LIFESTRENGTH also cry foul as they seek to dispel many of the myths surrounding negative ion technology.

Because of its recent popularity, companies claiming false health benefits in order to sell a product have flooded the balance bracelet industry - the largest of these failed companies perhaps being Power Balance, which was making $11 million a year before their bankruptcy because they could not verify their claims. But with scientific evidence over the last 60 years validating the benefits of negative ions, how are industry leaders dealing with the bad press?

Josh Taylor, Director of Marketing at LIFESTRENGTH, says the answer is simple. "We admit straight and simple that there are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing in this industry. But that doesn't change our dedication to our product," says Taylor. "When we see our competitors doing the 'balance test' like the one we saw on Shark Tank we know they truly don't understand the science behind the technology," says Taylor.

LIFESTRENGTH has taken considerable measures to ensure their consumers are never led astray by false claims and nonscientific results. "We have third party verification for every claim we make, and we can objectively measure the negative ions produced by our product," says Brand Hunt, Director of Retail Channel Development at LIFESTRENGTH. A section of the LIFESTRENGTH website is dedicated to the science behind their product. Potential customers can read articles about the science and even watch a video showing how the anions are added to each product.

"Overall, we do everything in our power to avoid looking like the business on Shark Tank," says Taylor. "We have never felt the need to defend our product because we've made the research available to our customers," adds Taylor.

LIFESTRENGTH is also a partner with Stander Inc., leading developer and manufacture of senior home safety products.

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