NATURAL, ORGANIC & LATINA Now in English: Laura Termini Invites You to Discover a Healthier You


MIAMI, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Lifestyle Expert & On-Air Talent, Certified Holistic Nutritionist/Beauty expert, Laura Termini, invites you to discover a Healthier side of life, now bilingual, with a concept which will revolutionize your life and the way your relate with your body: it is NATURAL, ORGANIC & LATINA...much more than a lifestyle, it is an attitude towards yourself.

Advice on losing weight, how to clean your home without damaging the planet, to smell good without deodorants that are a threat to your the end, a range of delights which Laura shares with all, with her characteristic generosity, and the fresh, ready and unique humor which has made her part of this community.


Laura is regularly a contributor/expert to dozens of online magazines, health/parenting and lifestyle sites. She regularly writes blogs and articles for online Magazines including: Salud al dia magazine, Belleza Eterna, AOL Latino, TuVoz en tu Vida, Corpo Sano, among others. Laura is frequently asked to participate in Twitter chats/parties, and to host online discussions and Q&A. Laura works closely with social media editors to create content that appeals to a varied demographic of women.

Twitter: @chicanol

SOURCE Laura Termini

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