VirtualTone & i-Tech Partner To Provide Ultimate Communication Solution


VirtualTone Partner Program gives local IT firms opportunity to deliver unique voice solutions using cloud technology

HOUSTON, March 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today VirtualTone ( announced a Gold Agent strategic partnership with i-Tech ( a local IT company based in Northwest Houston, which provides a variety of data backup and disaster recovery services. VirtualTone Gold Agent partners provide small to medium businesses the advantages of using cloud technology in their communication and IT infrastructure. By using local companies, such as i-Tech to deliver the onsite portion of the solutions, VirtualTone provides unique, cost-effective methods to meet the individual needs of any business by means of the latest technology. Tim Stone, one of the three brothers who own i-Tech Technology Consulting, states, "We are one of the original Gold Agent partners and we have discovered that the partnership with VirtualTone provides additional sources of revenue for our company and a new service offering for our clients. It's a huge win for our company."


VirtualTone is a national VoIP communications company, headquartered in Houston that provides clients complete solutions with phone systems that expand from one to over 200 users. VirtualTone partners with local IT firms to deliver the hands-on services, providing an affordable, cloud-based solution for the client and an opportunity for increased revenue for the Gold Agent partner. Gold Agents are certified to meet the high levels of customer satisfaction and project management required by VirtualTone.

About i-Tech:

i-Tech is a technology consulting company, founded in 2000, that works with a computer and network infrastructure in small to medium sized businesses. The company idea was to focus on increasing the efficiency and profitability of a business using technology in the work place. From experience over the last 11 years, i-Tech helps clients avoid huge losses and expenses by keeping their equipment working at optimum levels, proactively upgrading their network infrastructure, and using scalable products that allow for easy, cost effective upgrades and growth.

The success of i-Tech comes from a threefold approach of consulting, implementation, and managed services. i-Tech developed the approach to support issues ranging from computer trouble shooting and repair, to entire network build outs.

About VirtualTone

VirtualTone is a Houston-based company, founded in 1998, that offers dedicated, hosted voice over internet protocol (VoIP) communications and internet solutions to clients across the nation and around the world. VirtualTone® technology is designed with cloud computing technology and is accessible using any broadband internet connection, allowing clients to break free from old PBX technology.

VirtualTone offers a comprehensive, commission-based partner program, which allows partners to present VirtualTone as part of their portfolio, creating an additional profit center based on predictable, recurring revenue. This partnership saves clients money, while adding to the partner's bottom line. A key feature offered by VirtualTone is the VTone SideBar™. The application, which integrates seamlessly with ConnectWise and other software packages, includes a live call display panel, call detail reporting, call center queue monitoring, call recording, voicemail, DND status and a full host of statistics and controls. Connect with VirtualTone on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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