Loku's New Mobile App: How Locals Prove They Belong


Get the vibe about restaurants, bars, events, and happenings in an area while also proving your knowledge of the local scene; Just go to and add app to the homescreen

SAN FRANCISCO, April 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Loku, the site locals rely on for their insider knowledge, today announced the availability of the new Loku App for the Apple iPhone, Android and Windows devices. Using cutting edge HTML5 technology, Loku is the marketplace for local knowledge, allowing insiders to add tips, opinions, and commentary about local places and activities while also getting real-time buzz about the best of everything in their community.

Installing the Loku mobile app couldn't be easier; because HTML5 technology makes the Loku app seem native, anyone can access it from an iPhone, Android or Windows browser. To get the app, simply go to on a smartphone and add it to the homescreen when prompted.

Loku takes an authentic approach to local status. Users build status on Loku just as they would in real life in the local community. A local can increase his or her ranking in many ways: spend more time in the area, visit more places, contribute helpful tips or comments, find what's new before others do, invite newcomers to join, be informed, support local businesses, and spread the word about local happenings.

As Loku users explore further and their contributions gain approval, they are awarded expert ranking in their area. Examples of things to discover are local news, deals, and concerts. The app rewards the little interactions that the user gains through exploration.

Find Local Restaurants, Events, Reviews, Happenings, and Gossip
Loku makes it fun to share local insights – and feel good about it, too. The key feature of the app is a stream of everything happening in a given local community, pulled from the entire Internet, social media, and more. The "Nearby" stream can be used to explore what's happening nearby and the city-wide stream can be used to see what's trending across the city. The app flips between pages that feature every aspect of local culture: events, music, food, nightlife, photos, and more.

The results are always fresh and changing to reflect the user's immediate surroundings. Walking just a few blocks with the app open will bring up new content. The same happens if the app is opened a few hours later or on a different day. If you're wandering in a new part of the city, the app doubles as a handy field guide that shows what the locals there care about, where they go, what they do, know, and try, without any intensive searching.

A Fast-Growing Tech Startup
Loku, founded in 2008 and backed by major venture funds, is a leader in online local discovery. Loku's Beta site,, was launched in October 2011 to critical success. Since October, the site has been growing 50% month-over-month, with a large base of locals who love it. The mobile app release is another step forward in establishing Loku as a leader in local.

The Tech Behind Loku
Like, the Loku mobile app employs an exclusive local analytics engine named "Sherpa" which leverages big data mining techniques to locate and uncover the interesting bits and pieces nearby. "With Loku in hand, you have a window into the community that simply doesn't exist anywhere else," said Dan Street, Chief Executive Officer of Loku. "Our mobile app reveals what the locals care about like the free concert tonight, a new food truck opening, breaking news developing nearby, a happy hour going on, the popularity of an event, or the best dish at a restaurant. With this technology you can skip crowds of tourists, avoid the mainstream noise, and get a real taste of what's local."

Debut in Six Cities
Loku is debuting its HTML5 web app initially for San Francisco, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington DC, with other cities to be added throughout 2012.

About Loku: answers the question: Who is the most local? On Loku, a free service, users can find hidden hot spots, tap into the local buzz, and discover new things to do. Loku helps people avoid the tourist traps and crowds—and shows them the real local scene. Privately funded, Loku uses its proprietary software to uncover the authentic character of a place, be it a neighborhood coffee shop or a city far away. To learn more, visit



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