Fiji Recognized Among Most American-Friendly Vacation Spots


SUVA, Fiji, March 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S.-based Newsmax Magazine has ranked Fiji among the friendliest places in the world for Americans to visit and vacation.

The article called Fijians "the most friendly of any people" and reported "They like Americans, and it's always been a very enjoyable experience for travelers from the United States." Fiji's pristine environment and world-class hospitality attract the adventurous spirits of underwater photographers like Michael Muller, as well as Hollywood's elite, who create major motion pictures like Cast Away (Tom Hanks) and Blue Lagoon (Brook Shields).

This month, Fiji will host celebrity chefs, restaurant operators, and hospitality experts from around the world at the inaugural South Pacific Food & Wine Festival on Denarau Island.

"Fiji is the most cosmopolitan South Pacific island nation and has a unique, rich and vibrant mix of ethnicities and communities," said Elizabeth Powell, Permanent Secretary for Fiji's Ministry of Tourism. "We are blessed that, by nature, Fijians are a very hospitable people.  We love having guests and welcome opportunities to share our homes, and meals and time with friends and family.  It is an integral part of who we are."

SOURCE Republic of Fiji

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