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Turn That Party or Event into an Adventure


Happy Jump, Inc. brings excitement to your client's backyard at a competitive price

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When parents are planning their kids' party, they want to make sure they're getting a little excitement and adventure. There's nothing quite like the look on young ones' faces when the adventures they experience in movies and TV come to life for them. Happy Jump Inc. has the inflatable adventures to keep those imaginative kids busy. And busy kids mean happy parents!

But their inflatables aren't just fun, they're safe and affordable.

Happy Jump is a leader in creating inflatables that bring new life to any bounce house company. The best part of being a kid is that something as simple as an inflatable can become the playground of your dreams. Kids love the bright colors and friendly characters that decorate these products so much that- they'll want to spend the whole event pretending they're in the world of their favorite imaginary wizards and superheroes.  Happy Jump Inc. offers the bounce house you're looking for, along with obstacle courses, and inflatable water slides that send kids' imaginations soaring wherever they're sold. Whether they fantasize about castle adventures, jungle safaris or undersea voyages, they're going to love the hours spent in these inflatables.

While kids just worry about fun, parents are obviously concerned about safety, but with the reliable inflatables for sale at Happy Jump parents needn't worry for a second. Happy Jump leads the way in manufacturing according to safety standards. These inflatables (also known as Jolly Jumpers and Moon Walks) are made of high-strength 18 oz. vinyl that won't break under jumping feet. It goes without saying but the materials are flame retardant, and that all their inflatables include child-proof safety netting wherever it's needed. Lastly, thanks to their thorough inspection process, combined with common sense precautions, this is a safe way to offer party fun.

After the kids and parents, your pocketbook will also be glad you chose Happy Jump Inc. They offer competitive prices on packages of classic inflatables for businesses just starting out, or those who are fleshing out their inventory. What's more, some of the bestsellers are also the best-priced, ensuring that party supply rental companies will have the designs everyone loves. And since their product is built to last, they'll keep your maintenance and repair costs down for years to come.

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