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Final Yes on 46 TV Ad, "Need A Drink?" Dramatizes Risks To Patient Safety When Doctors Are Not Drug & Alcohol Tested, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
New York Train Accident Lawyer Adnan Munawar Weighs-in on Federal Report Condemning the Metro-North Railway for Deadly and Damaging Accidents
National League of Cities Statement on Passing of Former Boston Mayor Tom Menino
Economists Call for Obama Administration to Lift the Ban on Crude Exports
NPC Newsmaker Program -- Tuesday's Latino Vote: Implications for Immigration and 2016 Elections
Blueprint Highlighting Employment Reforms for People with Disabilities Released
Statement from Tom Cochran, CEO and Executive Director of The U.S. Conference of Mayors on the Death of Boston Mayor Tom Menino
Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Leading Massive GOTV Push For General Election
Bloomberg BNA and KPMG to Present Complimentary Live Stream of November 6 Post-Election Tax Outlook Event
Cancer Leaders Call for Congress to Act Quickly in 2015 to Reinvigorate Cancer Innovation in the U.S.
A Better Balance Releases New Online Resource - Babygate - to Break Down Pregnancy and Parenting Laws
USAFIS Reports: World Turmoil Brings DV-2016 Registrations to an All Time High
Barbara Boxer's Yes on Prop 46 TV Ad Earns "A-" From Civility Project; No Campaign Ad Called Out For Hypocrisy, Gets "C," Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
Fattah Statement on Rocket Launch Failure at Wallops Island English
Likely Millennial Voters Up-For-Grabs In Upcoming Midterm Elections, Harvard Youth Poll Finds
HeyWire Business is the First IP Mobile Messaging Service Provider to Announce Compliance with the FCC's Text-to-911 Rule
BPC Panel Brings Together Top Banking Experts to Debate the Progress of Dodd-Frank in Addressing Too-Big-to-Fail
No Labels Urges Voters To Support Problem Solvers On November 4th
New Poll Shows Majority Of Kroger Shoppers Want An End To Open Carry At Kroger
The CMLA: Mortgage Indemnifications Key to Increasing Credit, Preserving Risk Control
ASBL's Lloyd Chapman Challenges SBA Over Anti-Small Business Policies
Cheri Bustos D-IL dishonest attack on a job creating program she co-sponsored. Says CMB Regional Centers, LLC
U.S. Government Lists African Lions as Threatened Under Endangered Species Act
Gerrymandering "A Plague On Both Our Parties" Assert Former White House Spokesman Robert Weiner & Elections Analyst Tom Sherman; Sunday Article in Virginian-Pilot
Leading Companies Support Law Enforcement and Courts Through Innovative Technology That Improves Safety, Service and Budget Savings
Federal Commission Begins Deliberating in Effort to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities
Legislative Leaders Support Ballot Issue That Could Increase Visitors to West Virginia
IPEN: U.S. battles international ban on toxin used on utility poles that Health and Human Services calls a "carcinogen" & state lawmakers seek to eliminate in New York
National Women's Business Council (NWBC) urges Congress to Support the Women's Small Business Ownership Act
2014 Pathfinder Award Presented to Representative Kevin Tanner of Dawsonville, Georgia English
The Pennsylvania Coal Alliance Praises Lawmakers For The Passage Of The Greenhouse Gas Regulation Implementation Act
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois Offers Assistance to Consumers for Upcoming Open Enrollment
MedNet Solutions To Host Third Annual iMedNet User Group Meeting
Family Research Council Praises Puerto Rico Marriage Ruling
Catholics in Colorado: The Bishops Don't Speak for Us
Scripps launches Podium to empower people to participate more in the political process
New Federal Policies Turn Thousands of Big Businesses Into Small Ones
Senator Boxer Joins Victims of Medical Negligence and Families Who Lost Children To Negligence To Call For Voters' Support For Prop 46, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
Voter registration up slightly, will voters turn out? California Choices cuts through noise, provides nonpartisan ballot initiative information and third-party endorsements
Is Your Politician a "Lap Dog" For the NRA and its Corporate Cash? Do they do Tricks? Roll Over? All for Gun Lobby Treats?
Luncheon to Be Held on Oct. 27th in Moses Lake to Present/Discuss the Privately Funded Project to Bring Surface Water to Odessa Aquifer Deep Well Irrigators
Gov. Jerry Brown to Meet with California/National Nurses Leaders Tuesday to Review Need for Higher Ebola Standards
Vote No On Measure 90
Miscarriage Myth Busted: Planned Parenthood Caught Lying About Personhood -- Personhood USA
Victim Of Negligence At Hands Of A Drunk Doctor, A Physician and Consumer Advocates Release New Yes on 46 TV Ad, "On Call"
Democratic Strategist/Former White House Spokesman Bob Weiner And Policy Analyst Joseph Abay Call For Standing In Lines As "Only Answer To Republicans Attempting To Rig 2014 Midterm Election By Suppressing Minority, Youth And Working Voters"
Administration Invokes Non-Existing Parole Authority to Increase Haitian Immigration, Charges FAIR
Report Reveals Only 23% of Senate Supported Enforcing Border in 113th Congress
Vote 2 Reduce Debt and Person to Person PAC host GOTV rallies in support of Alaska U.S. Senate Candidate Dan Sullivan
YES on 45: HealthNet Contributes $5 Million to Deceptive and Misleading No on 45 Campaign Using Actor as Phony Hardware Store Owner in TV Ads

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