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Melanie Omeniho was acclaimed President for a three year term at the Women of the M├ętis Nation General Assembly


OTTAWA, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Forty Métis Women delegates from across the Métis homeland came together at the National General Assembly and elected Melanie Omeniho as their President for the next three year term. Ms. Omeniho was the Interim President and on Saturday March 31, 2012 she was re-elected by acclamation.

President Omeniho has been involved at a national level working with Métis women across the Métis Nation to address and represent the issues that impact Métis women. Les Femmes Michif Otipemisiwak - Women of the Métis Nation (WMN) through the Métis National Council is the only national women's organization to speak on behalf of Métis women.

President Omeniho spoke about the importance to work as a collective of Métis women and to ensure that communication is a priority in helping them move forward. At the National General Assembly they demonstrated the new website that will soon be launched along with other interactive communication strategies. It is a new era and WMN are going to work to ensure that all Métis women in Canada can be engaged and interactive in the direction of this organization. They also developed a national steering committee that will work on issues related to the number of Métis children in care through the various provincial child welfare authorities. The committee is named "Bringing Home Our Children".

"I am so honoured to be able to move forward with the overwhelming support that I have received and I look forward to working with Métis women on their priorities and initiatives that they have brought forward" says President Omeniho.

Métis women have worked hard with the Métis National Council to ensure that they are recognized and can be their own voice. Melanie Omeniho wants to see Métis women take back their traditional roles and work effectively to have a voice that joins with the Métis National Council in moving forward the issues with Métis Rights.


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