Dick Lugar Continues Smear Campaign with Newest Attack Ad


Senator grossly distorts Mourdock's record; casts doubt on Daniels, Skillman

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, U.S. Senate Candidate in the Republican Primary on May 8th, denounced the continued smear campaign by six-term incumbent Senator Dick Lugar on his record as State Treasurer. The Mourdock campaign also announced a new statewide TV and radio ad that will set the record straight.

"In 1996 when he ran for President, Senator Lugar ran ads in Iowa stating that he wouldn't run a negative ad. This shows how much 36 years in Washington, D.C., can change anyone. Now, in order to distract voters from recent revelations that he no longer lives in Indiana, Senator Lugar is running a shameless ad which distorts the truth and slanders the hard working state employees in the State Treasurer's Office," said Treasurer Mourdock.

Indiana voters can see Lugar's 1996 ad for themselves at

Lugar's new ad now stoops even further by distorting Richard Mourdock's attendance record on various state boards. Using footage clearly not taken of an Indiana state government meeting, the ad suggests that the State Treasurer's chair at such meetings is empty.

The truth: Since Richard Mourdock took office as State Treasurer in 2007, his office has attended more than 99% of all such board meetings.

"In addition to managing a $7 billion investment portfolio for the state, the State Treasurer or his appointees sit on 13 boards and commissions, some of which meet at the same time. Just like Governor Daniels and Lt. Governor Skillman, when Treasurer Mourdock cannot attend a meeting personally, he designates a member of his senior staff to attend in his place," said Mourdock Campaign Manager Jim Holden.

In fact, one board singled out by the Lugar ad, the State Board of Finance, meets for about 5 minutes once a month. When Treasurer Mourdock can't attend, he sends a senior staff member with full voting powers to attend on his behalf. Governor Daniels is also a member of the Board of Finance. For every single meeting since 2007, Governor Daniels has chosen to send a senior aide rather than attend personally.

"Does this mean that Dick Lugar is accusing Governor Daniels of not showing up for work?"
said Holden.

Another board cited by the Lugar ad, the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority, is Chaired by Lt. Governor Skillman, who also does not attend the majority of meetings personally, but designates a staff member to Chair most of the meetings.

Finally, the ad also mentions that the State Police Pension Advisory Board, which Richard Mourdock is not even a voting member of! This board mostly makes disability payments and other personnel decisions about individual state troopers. Mourdock is the Trustee of the State Police Pension Trust, which by the way earned over 19% return on its investments last year and was nominated for a national award as Small Pension Fund of the Year by Money Management Intelligence.

"It's a shame that Senator Lugar feels it necessary to smear Richard Mourdock's excellent record as State Treasurer. Under Richard's leadership, the State Treasurer's Office has generated over $1.3 billion in investment income since 2007. That's $1.3 billion that won't come out of taxpayers' pockets in the form of higher taxes. He's revamped the State's 529 College Saving Plan resulting in an 800% increase in Hoosiers saving for college. He's done all of this with one of the smallest state treasurer staffs in the nation, while at the same time returning an average of over 10% of his budget back to the Treasury each year," said Holden

In response to Lugar's latest attack, Hoosiers for Richard Mourdock will be airing "Slinging."

Slinging TV:30





Talk about slinging mud.


Dick Lugar's latest attack on Richard Mourdock isn't true. Period.


Mourdock's office has a ninety-nine percent attendance rate at board meetings

"Record as Indiana's State Treasurer,"

Ninety-nine percent.


If Senator Lugar was in Indiana more, he'd know that. He admits he hasn't lived here for thirty-five years.

"Sen. Lugar defends Indiana residency," USA Today, 2/21/12.

Out of touch… on earmarks,

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Obama's judges,

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Even amnesty.

Vote #625, HR5281, 12/18/2010.

Yes indeed, "Obama's Favorite Republican."

MSNBC, 10/17/2008.

I'm Richard Mourdock, and I approve this message


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