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Carolinas AGC & NC811 Partner to Promote Safety


CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 16, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Carolinas AGC (CAGC) has partnered with North Carolina 811 (NC811) to produce 10,000 white flags to promote "white lining"— a process of outlining a proposed excavation site with white flags (or white paint) to further enhance underground safety and damage prevention prior to digging. Whether you're planting a garden or tree, installing a mailbox, or using heavy equipment to lay a water line, calling 811 and white lining saves lives and protects utilities. Furthermore, calling 811 before digging is the law! 


White lining an excavation site saves time and enhances communication between excavators, utility owners, and locators. It gives personnel responsible for identifying utilities a better idea of exactly where digging will be performed. "White lining is easy and voluntary. Before submitting a locate request to NC811, simply visit the excavation site and mark the area of proposed excavation with white flags, or paint. It's a widely accepted Common Ground Alliance 'best practice' that has proven to increase accurate locating of underground utilities," notes Allen Gray, Utility Division Director for Carolinas AGC.

This promotion is part of Carolinas AGC's overall effort to work with NC811, utility owners, and other stakeholders to enhance safety, save lives, and keep underground utility damages to an ultimate minimum. To obtain white flags contact NC811.

Carolinas AGC represents contractors and construction-related firms in North Carolina and South Carolina, and serves as a chapter of AGC of America and ARTBA. Together with its members, CAGC believes in advancing the construction industry to enhance the quality of life and deliver a sustainable difference in the Carolinas. Visit Carolinas AGC at

SOURCE Carolinas Associated General Contractors

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