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Scratch Weddings Finds the Perfect Match in 2012 Wedding Trend: DJing at your Own Wedding


NEW YORK, Jan. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- To all the couples who got engaged over the holidays, the wedding countdown has begun. And, if you're getting hitched this year, you'll want to give extra thought to the DJ you hire. According to the most recent Wedding Entertainment Report (published by The Wedding Report, Inc.), an overwhelming 80 percent of wedding guests say the element they remember most about a wedding is the music.

One of the hottest trends in weddings today is spinning, and we're not talking about grooving on the dance floor or indoor cycling. Today, couples are hiring top DJs, not just to work their wedding, but to show them how to do some mixing and blending of their own.

Chalk it up to the fact that the music-savvy iPod generation is now getting married or the popularity of the television show Glee or the growing celebrity culture of DJs. Whatever the reason, today's weddings have become definite DJ performance zones.

Michelle Eckert, 33, from Los Angeles, was married last October at the L'Auberge Del Mar in Del Mar, California, and the music was top on her list.

 "We wanted our wedding to have the vibe of a real club. What better way to enhance the club style than by offering guests the services of a marquee-level DJ and taking our own turn behind the turntable?" says Michelle. "DJ Mylar from Scratch Weddings ( fit our vibe completely and, with his help, and a few classes at the Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles, our vision for our reception was transformed into a perfect reality."

Scratch Weddings and the Scratch DJ Academy are both part of Scratch Music Group, the nation's leader in DJ booking, technology and education. The company offers more than 700 diverse marquee-level DJs nationwide and has Academies in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. 

"I was excited to take a few classes with Michelle at the Scratch DJ Academy so we could perform our own personal mix-up at our wedding for our friends and families," says Michelle's husband, Seth, 34, a medical device representative.

"We loved working with Hapa [Director of the Scratch Academy in Los Angeles], who taught us the basics of working a turntable and scratching into a song. Then we picked the songs we wanted to scratch to at our wedding and practiced and practiced leading up to the big day. I scratched to Vanilla Ice's 'Ice, Ice Baby' and Michelle scratched to 'One More Time' by Daft Punk. It was a huge hit."

Lindsay Goldstein-Hawkes, 28, is a NJ-based newlywed who got married last year in a lavish ceremony that was featured in Manhattan Bride magazine. Now, she's helping her sister, Chelsea, a music lover, plan her wedding.

 "I just heard about Scratch Weddings and suggested Chelsea check them out," says Lindsay. "I wish I'd known about them when we got married. I love the idea of doing something fun and special that bonds you and your partner leading up to and on your special day."

Rob Principe, the founder and CEO of Scratch Music Group, reports that his wedding business has grown significantly over the last six months.

"Couples getting married today are very savvy about music. They want more from their wedding entertainers, expect more and deserve more. That's why we've been so successful. We have the largest team of highly-skilled, professional, but still affordable, marquee DJs in the country. We spend a lot of time pairing couples with DJs who match their musical tastes, personal style, and vision for their wedding day. When it comes to your wedding day, we know that choosing your DJ is second only to choosing your mate."

The spin-at-your-own wedding trend isn't all that surprising when you consider that the (, the top wedding registry website, says the key to a successful wedding is surprising your guests with unexpected entertainment.

 "At our wedding, we amused our guests with a signature cocktail called the Quintinni that was named after our puppy, Quinn," says Michelle. "But we surprised our guests by spinning. So many people told us later that it was a real 'Michelle-and-Seth moment' that they'll never forget. In my opinion, that's what great wedding memories are all about."

Scratch Weddings' DJ Roll Call
Scratch Weddings' exclusive team of DJs combines extensive wedding experience with seasoned, professional backgrounds including collaborations with major recording artists like Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas and Michael Jackson and residencies at the country's most respected clubs and lounges. Here's a sampler:

Los Angeles, DJ Mix Mason
History: Licensed music for television, film and film trailers and performed music at major motion picture studios including Columbia Pictures and Paramount Pictures, as well as brands like H&M and Vans

Catch His Vibe: Born and raised in Boston, Mix Mason has a west coast appeal with a hometown feel.

Word: "If I can help ensure that everyone has a good time—young, old, people who know each other, people who are just meeting for the first time—that's truly magical."

DJ Supersede, Miami
His Story: Voted Miami's Number One DJ in 2009, he has been commissioned by the Black Eyed Peas, Timbaland, Jay-Z or Lady Gaga to produce remixes.

Word: "I'm painting a musical portrait of their likeness on the most important day of their lives together. It has to be a masterpiece!"

DJ Alias, New York
Performed at: Thompson Hotel, Pianos and White Rabbit

Collaboration Nation: Trey Songz, Pete Rock and Large Professor

Word: "Modern weddings include people of all age groups and cultural backgrounds. This allows me to go deep into my catalog, to make sure the couple and the guests have a night to remember."

DJ Cool Out, Philadelphia
Where he lives: Originally from Nashville, he relocated to the City of Brotherly Love in 2008 after receiving six nominations by the local press as the city's "Best DJ."

Collaboration Nation: He has shared the stage with music legends Jam Master Jay of Run DMC and The Pharcyde and has DJ'd for high-profile clients including Jamie Foxx, Hillary Duff, Stephen Marley, Microsoft, Old Navy, People Magazine, Nordstrom, GQ Magazine, Macy's and Ann Taylor.

Word: "I view wedding receptions as the pinnacle of parties and celebrations. It's important to read the crowd and select music that the special couple and their guests will appreciate in order to maintain the right energy and keep the dance floor moving."

DJ As-One, Washington, D.C.
Collaboration Nation: He's shared the stage and worked with top names in the music industry, such as Kanye West, Common, Talib Kweli, Madlib, 3 Doors Down and Cappadonna. He has also spun events for Seventeen Magazine, ESPN, Gap, Vans, H&M and Ann Taylor.

Word: "It's really an honor to be chosen to orchestrate the music and the energy for the day. It makes me happy to play music that touches everyone in the room."



SOURCE Scratch Weddings

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