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New Fi3F Index(TM) Ranks Appeal of 180 Nations for Worldwide Franchise Expansion Opportunities


Qatar and Australia tie for top ranking, followed by S. Korea and Singapore; Additional Fi3 indices to rank country appeal for exporters and direct investors

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ( -- Fi3F(TM), a new proprietary and forward-looking index that measures the attractiveness of 180-nations for franchisors seeking to expand internationally, is being introduced today by Fluent in Foreign(TM) LLC, a New York City advisory group that guides companies as they seek to establish or expand their franchise business abroad. 

Fluent in Foreign is headed by Alexander Gordin, author of the international business guidebook "Fluent in Foreign Business," which was published last summer by the Princeton Council on World Affairs. The Fi3F franchising index is the first in a planned series of three indices.  The other two - Fi3E(TM) and Fi3I(TM) - are geared for Exporters and direct foreign Investors, respectively.

The Fi3F Franchisor Country Appeal Indices(TM) evaluates each nation using proven factors that include proprietary data combined with information obtained from the World Bank, United Nations, Transparency International and several U.S. government agencies. The index looks at factors that include each country's GDP growth, population size, education, availability of franchise financing, political risk insurance, corruption, investor protection and legal framework for contract enforcement and IP protection.

The top spot on the list is shared by the tiny Persian Gulf state of Qatar and Australia. In descending order, others on the top 10 list are: South Korea, Singapore, U.S., Malaysia, Canada, China, Mongolia and New Zealand. Sign up at for the full list.

Gordin said emerging markets like the former Soviet bloc in Eastern Europe or South East Asia, while much smaller in GDP than the BRIC nations of Brazil, Russia, India and China, may have more opportunities for U.S. franchisors because they often offer a fertile business climate and have not yet felt the influx of American and other western franchises. 

"The Fi3F Index will serve as a significant starting point for franchisors as they look overseas," Gordin added. "It will save countless hours of preparation and research as well as offer cautionary signs where appropriate."

Fluent in Foreign LLC is a unique advisory and information platform designed to help franchisors, direct investors and exporters prepare to enter foreign markets or expand existing international operations. They help clients do business with new countries and governments. Their services include financing, political risk insurance, legal compliance and strategic business development.

Alexander Gordin, Fluent in Foreign managing director, is also a co-founder and managing director of the New York Merchant Bank, Broad Street Capital Group. His experience includes cross-border strategic advisory services in export finance, international project finance and risk management, especially in developing countries. Clients include foreign governments, Fortune 500 corporations, municipalities and state enterprises, with transactional and negotiation experience in 25+ countries. Contact: or + 1 212-490-4323.

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SOURCE Fluent in Foreign LLC

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