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Tea Party Showing Strong Support for Romney


Things his opponents and media don't want you to know

JUNEAU, Ala., Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Background

On January 24, 2009, fiscal conservatives were called to action from the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by CNBC's Rick Santelli, echoing a view of the government that had recently grown around the country. It was then that Americans from every background came together to form thousands of Tea Party groups across the nation.

Millions of voices rang out, criticizing the government for overspending and crony capitalism, creating an environment of bad behavior and self-promoting power. These voices were not going to be silent anymore.

Some have demonized the Tea Party for being 'radical'; others have promoted us as passionate. Either way, Americans are not happy with the state of the Union. If the government continues its overspending and unbridled growth, we will lose this country. 

The Tea Party will be a powerful voice in the 2012 presidential election. Not only will we promote specific candidates throughout the year, but we will make certain they remain accountable once in DC. Once responsibility and transparency again enter the halls of Washington DC, America will again become that shining beacon on the hill.


First, allow me to dispel a misconception: there is a large percentage of Tea Party Americans that support Mitt Romney for President of the United States. We are not simply 'election-day fans', but enthusiastic supporters. Many of us have spent hundreds of hours researching his 'severely' (meaning "intense") conservative record, and defending his core principles. Yes, unlike the media and opposition would like you to believe, he has both a conservative record and conservative principles. His Massachusetts record is open to the public, and we encourage everyone to discover for themselves his conservative background. 

Romney's record during the 2002 Olympics and throughout his time in different business ventures is not as open, but what is available is very impressive and relevant for the Presidency. What is very apparent and cannot be taken away from him is that he, without much support, has turned around more economies of different sizes and shapes than any other candidate running in the 2012 election or in any election in the past decade. And for this, America can be proud to have such an invaluable candidate and should be excited about our future with Romney as our next President.

For these reasons, we have formed a group of like-minded citizens and brought them together to dispel the many misconceptions that the media has created about Romney. Our pulpit to eliminate these misconceptions on the web is at


The founder of this group is Zack Edwards -not to be mistaken for Zach Edwards, Obama's online spin master that landed himself in jail. Our Zack helped start two Tea Party groups, one in New York 3 years ago and another, more recently, in Alaska. He has also campaigned for Alaska's Tea Party Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller and fundraised for his PAC.

Mr. Edwards and his family have felt the disastrous effects of "Obama's Economy," as stated by the DNC Chairwoman, as well as the lack of recovery we were promised by this Presidency.

In 2008, after losing his job and after feeling the stress that comes with unemployment, Edwards started his small online media outlet (, reporting stories that were not covered by the mainstream media.

In the winter of 2011, Edwards was commissioned by one of his viewers to find out more about Romney's reported flip-flops. At that point he created 'Project Flip-Flop' where he took both opposition research and apologist material and posted them for all to see. The results were then debated by supporters and opponents of Romney on private forums and displayed for the public eye.

Romney's Stances

While researching opposition issues against Romney, Edwards constantly found unsubstantiated claims put out by anti-Romney venues. Most claims stemmed from 5-10 second video clips to partial news clips and news sources that actively worked against Romney during past campaigns.  There is a wide range of misconceptions put out by Romney's opposition beginning with the late Ted Kennedy. In 1994 Kennedy and the Democratic National Committee used slander to grow mistrust against Romney's stances. Yet the only viable attack was against his stance on abortion.  They first casted him as a 'pro-life nut', then as a 'multiple choice' candidate. It was because of this tactic that Romney lost the election, but not without running the most competitive race Kennedy would ever experience. (Learn the truth on this stance on abortion at:

This tactic was used again by: Shannon O'Brien, the Democratic candidate for governor in 2002; Romney's GOP opponents in the 2008 primary; and now in the 2012 election.

Many have stated that no conservative could be elected governor in a liberal state like Massachusetts, but this simply isn't true. Romney was a candidate who, just weeks before entering the race, turned around the corrupt Olympic Games to become one of the most successful in history. He returned to a state that was losing jobs faster than any other state in the nation, running one of the largest deficits in the nation, and with one of the most corrupt legislatures in the nation. That is how you win an election in a dark blue state as a conservative.

This is the strategy needed to beat Obama in 2012, and this is why Romney is the best candidate to run for President.

Video Research Responses

When we first began to organize, we tried sourcing all our material by providing complete articles and found that no one had the time to read them. For this reason we produced them in the easiest form available: video.  That way all of our viewers can see them in the manner they were meant to be seen, through a timeline. It is through this medium that people will see that Romney's opponents and the media, have taken his words and actions out of context and created a false persona of being a flip-flopper. These videos are fully sourced and include full clips.

Media Contact: Zack Edwards of Tea Party For Romney,1+907-209-6760,

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