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Are communities outsourcing their students?

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Outsourcing is a word used within industry that involves jobs being fulfilled outside of the company by another firm or more specifically another firm outside of the United States. Using this same term for students, which implies how graduates leave the town or city they were educated in to pursue employment somewhere else. These students are graduating from either high school or from college within their hometowns. Outsourcing in industry and with students has become a common thread, which deals with the way that some benefit but others do not. The employee who loses her job does not benefit, but the employee overseas does. Likewise, the town or city that paid public taxes for the students' high school education does not benefit, but the city that employs the graduate does. The private high school sector is also effected, but more directly, because it is their community that misses out.

The question, "Why are we outsourcing our students?" focuses the attention on the responsibility of the town or city that has loss the benefit of holding onto the graduate. Businesses have many good reasons for outsourcing and likewise the graduate. The graduate might not be able to find employment within the city, the social life is unexciting or extremely minimal, options for dating, marriage and starting a family may seem limited. The solution for this problem is the same solution for businesses and it is the development of new industry.

If new industry changed to benefit businesses it would help businesses with their overall management and increase their ability to reduce or eliminate the need for outsourcing in its current form and use. Likewise as new industry infuses a town or city the reasons for the graduate to leave are minimized. New industry changes employment possibilities by bringing companies to the city and providing opportunities for startups. Industry changes social activities through the building of restaurants, galleries, places of entertainment and amusement areas. Industry changes ideas and influences people by attracting people and cultivating a vibrant lifestyle.

Towns and cities across the United States are losing many valuable members. The younger generations are being outsourced to other towns and cities. The cities that these students are educated in are suffering a huge loss because they lose the benefits of retaining young talent. Students leave because they want better jobs, soaring careers and fame. The lure of becoming rich and famous turns out to be a fairy tale for most of the students who buy into it but they still rarely come home. Researchers are calling this phenomenon "the brain drain" and it is cited as occurring in the rural Midwest but it is in fact occurring everywhere.

Imagine the positive impact if the student remained within or returned to the community or city that educated them? A study by The Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that towns and cities can keep students there. In order to do this students must be well cared for in all ways. They must have opportunity to redevelop themselves in the community. This means blue-collar jobs need to be reinvented and colleges need to work with the towns on a regional level. This would then ensure that the students have a collaborative reason to be at home. READ MORE HERE

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