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Social Sharing Platform 'Mulu' Launches V2 at SXSWi


Palo Alto, Calif., March 7, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Mulu, a distinctive new social media platform, will launch Version 2 with a dinner during SXSWi in Austin, TX, co-hosted by Sophia Rossi of Hello Giggles. In January, Mulu launched into beta with a unique model for sharing and discovery that aims to benefit social good through charity partnership. Mulu merges our intrinsic fascination with pop culture; our love for the things we are buying, reading, wearing and watching; and our desire to stand up and play an active role on behalf of social good. Version 2 showcases a new and improved stream, cached images for faster loading, and a cropping tool. Also introduced for V2 is Facebook Connect, which allows users to log-in through Facebook and share picks with friends on their activity feed and timeline. Further, V2 features accounting transparency infrastructure, which allows users to immediately see whether a website will earn for their cause with a check mark in the tool bar.


To date, the company has partnered with 50 charities and 50 tastemakers in fashion, music, sports, film and lifestyle – whose charities will benefit from every transaction made. Those organizations, including ASPCA, amFAR, Livestrong, CharityWater, Girl Up and Rock the Vote to name a few, are Mulu's core causes, from which millions of future users will be able to choose to support.

Mulu brings curators, charities and consumers together to democratize the discovery experience: Want book recommendations? Visit Jonathan Franzen's Mulu page. A great new bag for spring? See what Michael Kors recommends. A candy-colored iPhone case? Check out picks from HelloGiggles. Further, Mulu user's have the ability to ask and answers questions with product recommendations by pulling the image and product page from anywhere online. Users can pose questions to be answered by the community such as "Camping in Yosemite for the first time, What gear do I need?" Answers abound from the community and users just click to buy - earning for their charity as they go.

Through Mulu, consumers browse content curated by people they know and trust – from celebrities to family and friends – content that's personally relevant and benefits the curator or their charity with every purchase. Mulu enables everyone to benefit from the joy of sharing and discovery while raising hundreds of millions of dollars in affiliate fees for chronically underfunded causes.

"It's pretty empowering to be able to support a clean water project in Sudan with your killer taste in shoes," said CEO and Founder Amaryllis Fox.

Join the revolution and see what Mulu is all about

Affiliate Programs and How Mulu Is Monetized
Affiliate programs exist among e-retailers to reward partner websites for driving revenue-generating traffic to their sites. Every day, millions of transactions occur directly through e-retailers and don't take advantage of the affiliate program's kickback of four to 15 percent. That translates to hundreds of millions of dollars "lost" every year, which could be redirected. Mulu's social platform provides a home for consumers to share and purchase products online, with 50% of the affiliate payment going to the curator or the charity of their choice. As that charity meets certain goals and milestones, their proceeds grow from a 50/50 split to 75/25 and eventually 90/10.

About the Name "Mulu"
Mulu is the Chinese word for catalog or directory. It's also the name of the largest interlocking cave system in the world, located in Malaysia. In the early days of civilization, water and nourishment were carried through this elaborate underground network to thousands of distant cave mouths where humans gathered to receive it. But at the end of the day, everyone loves to say, "Do you Mulu?"

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