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Has the Razor® Scooter Met Its Match? The Sbyke® Gains Traction with Winning Reviews from Popular Science and Parenting Magazines


LAS VEGAS, March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sbyke USA's patented rear-steer™ kick scooter is reveling in accolades from Popular Science and Parenting magazines. Not only did the sbyke® come out on top in Popular Science's "Wheel Wars," it received the coveted "Best in Play" award from Parenting magazine.  


Popular Science put sbyke® in a head-to-head test against the Razor® for its April 2012 issue. Three test riders determined the Razor® was "no match in maneuverability" and that the sbyke® "toppled the Razor®" when riders executed five-foot turns. It's the novel rear-steer™ system in sbyke® that enables such precision carving maneuvers.

This review comes on the heels of Sbyke USA's success at the American International Toy Fair in New York, where sbyke® received Parenting magazine's "Best in Play" award. This publication advises parents around the globe, reaching an audience of 9 million. Steve Wilson, Co-Founder of Sbyke USA says, "Both kids and adults thrive with exercise that challenges their motor skills. The thrill of riding a sbyke® is like the unforgettable sensation of skiing down freshly-powdered slopes."

The sbyke® blends elements of bicycles, skateboards and scooters into a new category of rear-steer™ vehicles. This three-wheeled, rear-steering scooter uses a large front BMX wheel and patented rear skate truck to provide stability and substantially lower rolling resistance than existing scooters or skateboards. Its compact, lightweight design means riders can stow and carry it almost anywhere. The low center of gravity and wide maple deck allows comfortable side-by-side foot placement for boardwalk cruising. Each sbyke® comes standard with a hand-brake and two stem sizes—one for small riders and one for tall.

Those eager to adopt this new form of personal transportation can purchase a sbyke® at

About Sbyke USA, LLC

Sbyke USA, LLC was formed in the board sport mecca of San Clemente, California by beach locals Brad Wernli and brothers Bart and Steve Wilson. The Wilsons' legendary history of motorsport products and Wernli's vision of a quick-carving beach cruiser came together as the patented sbyke® rear-steer™ platform. This category of compact sports transports will support designs from kick scooters to electric runabouts. The company is headquartered at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Nevada.

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