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Brockhouse Cooper trading costs remain among lowest in industry


MONTREAL, Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ - Trading costs at Brockhouse & Cooper Inc. (Brockhouse Cooper), an agency-only, 24-hour, global equity brokerage firm, are substantially lower than other brokers, according to the latest Transaction Costs Analysis survey conducted by Elkins/McSherry for Institutional Investor.

Looking at more than 24 million trades by 1,900 brokerages, Elkins/McSherry found that, against arrival price, Brockhouse Cooper's performance was 33.1 basis points better than the average results for brokers trading global equities.  This performance ranked Brockhouse Cooper # 2 among brokers trading global equities.

"In an increasing automated industry, we've focused on keeping implementation costs low, without compromising service," said Jamie Ritchie, Director, Capital Markets Trading.  "We're pleased our efforts have been recognized and will continue this focus while at the same time offering our traders' skills and expertise to our clients."

Brockhouse Cooper ranked 13th among brokers trading U.S. equities, against arrival price.

According to Mario Choueiri , Director of Brockhouse Cooper's transition management team, best-execution trading is key to delivering value to clients who are transitioning their portfolios.  "With this repeated and impressive ranking on transaction costs, we can be confident that our transition clients are getting very good results."

The latest Transaction Costs Analysis survey is published in the November issue of Institutional Investor.

Headquartered in Montreal, Brockhouse Cooper is a premium boutique firm offering integrated financial services, including investment consulting, transition management and securities trading. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pavilion Financial Corporation, a global financial services firm offering innovative products and solutions to institutional and high-net-worth investors in select geographical markets. Member CIPF and Member SIPC.


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