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UL AQS Expands Chamber Capacity to Support Emerging International Market Demands, Unveils New Website


Chamber expansion and revamped website enable UL AQS to support increased global demand for product evaluation testing

ATLANTA, Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- UL Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (UL AQS) announced today that it has expanded the capacity of its environmental chamber laboratory to support growing international demand for product evaluation testing.  

An increase in the number of international requests for product emissions testing, including French volatile organic compound (VOC) regulation testing and testing for third-party certifications like GREENGUARD, EcoLogo, Blue Angel, and UL Environment, has spurred the addition of more than a dozen new chambers, including a new room-size chamber for testing furniture and the application of consumer products. The additional chambers facilitate same-day loading and allow for a faster turnaround time of up to two days.

"We have always worked with product manufacturers to understand the best test method to meet their market needs. Additional chamber capacity allows us to continue that premium level of customer support, which is critically important to us and to the manufacturers we've partnered with for more than twenty years," says Marilyn Black, Ph.D., president of UL AQS.

Some of the key international tests offered by UL AQS include German AgBB, Blue Angel, DIBt, and Emicode; French VOC labeling regulations and AFFSET; Finnish M1; and Japanese JEITA Eco Mark, to name a few.

In addition to expanding its chamber capacity, UL AQS has launched a new, interactive, and more user-friendly website aimed at informing the public about the impacts of IAQ on human health.

"Consumers, product manufacturers, architects, designers, and specifiers want to know more about healthy products and healthy spaces," Black says. "Our new website gives us a platform to continue educating the world about the ways in which indoor air quality can affect quality of life, comfort, and wellness."

To visit UL AQS's new website, log onto

About UL Air Quality Sciences (UL AQS)

UL Air Quality Sciences, Inc. (AQS) is an ISO 17025 accredited indoor air quality testing and research laboratory. With the largest environmental chamber facility in North America, UL AQS conducts innovative product development testing for product manufacturers and provides certification services for the third party programs including GREENGUARD, Green Label Plus , Green Seal, EcoLogo, CHPS, UL Environment, Blue Angel, and USGBC, in testing products for their pollutant emissions. AQS has tested over 70,000 products and has over 100 environmental chambers established for low level chemical emission and human exposure studies. For more information, visit

SOURCE UL Air Quality Sciences

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