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How to Lose Weight Quickly Without Adding More Meat to Your Diet


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- PEERtrainer, a leader in healthy weight loss solutions, has found that many people who are looking to lose weight in a short amount of time often start to add a lot more meat to their diet, and cut down on certain carbohydrates.  This is in spite of a widely cited study by the Harvard School of Public Health published in 2010 that showed an increase in health risk from a diet rich in animal foods.

Other studies that have looked into low-carb and high-protein diets have shown that despite a good short term track record for weight loss, the long term track record for keeping this weight loss off is poor.

As a result of this continuing behavior pattern, PEERtrainer would like to propose some alternative ways to lose weight in a short amount of time that don't involve the health risks, and are ultimately more effective long term.

The first thing that PEERtrainer would like to point out is that low carb diets can work, especially when paired with a reduction in sugar and a dramatic increase in micronutrient rich foods like green vegetables. One does not need to dramatically increase the amount of meat in the diet.

PEERtrainer has observed that the more important factor is the reduction of overall sugar levels in the blood, which can result from eating sugar itself, or certain foods like bread and grains which can quickly increase the amount of glucose in the bloodstream.

A reduction in carbs is a feature of the new Weight Watchers Points Plus for 2012, so this is not an uncommon suggestion. However, very few weight loss approaches are also adding a very strong focus on increasing green vegetables and a reduction in sugar.

Reducing carbs and sugar in the diet can be a daunting task, especially at breakfast. The typical Western diet is rich in different sugars and grains. PEERtrainer has seen however, that when people focus on this particular meal, it helps to set the tone for the day.

A final tip that PEERtrainer has for people who are looking to lose weight quickly is to learn how to do a cleanse the right way. The best way to do a cleanse is in addition to the advice above, focus on testing the removal of foods that serve as common allergens. Foods such as bread, dairy and corn commonly create toxic reactions in people.

PEERtrainer has observed that members of its online weight loss community usually report fairly consistent weight loss in a two to three week period when they remove these specific foods! Everyone reacts to foods differently, and not everyone reacts to these foods. But for people who have had a hard time losing weight, in spite of very good efforts at exercise and diet, find that removing these foods from their diet entirely, combined with a low sugar and high green vegetable diet, can pay good dividends very quickly.

PEERtrainer is website dedicated to healthy weight loss. It was founded in 2005 and has helped tens of millions of people get the guidance and help to put them on the path to healthy and permanent weight loss.

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